Braswell’s unveils natural and organic ‘special teas’ packaged in fine European glassware at fancy food show


NEW YORK – June 30, 2008 – Braswell Food Company, the
country’s leading producer of specialty and gourmet condiments, today
introduced Braswell’s Select Special Teas at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New
York (visit Braswell’s at booth # 875 ). Made with all natural and/or organic
ingredients and packaged in beautiful, reusable European glassware, Braswell’s
ready-to-drink Special Teas will soon be available in 11 FL OZ glasses for
$2.99 at specialty retailers.

Braswell’s Special Teas are handcrafted in small batches
using triple-filtered water and all natural and/or organic ingredients and
flavors. Deliciously unique flavors include:

All Natural:
Vanilla Chai Tea
Watermelon Raspberry White Tea
Pomegranate Passion Red Tea

Pomegranate Blackberry Tea
Peach Pomegranate Green Tea
Raspberry Red Tea
Wild Berry White Tea

“Like biscuits and gravy, and homemade peach pie, an
ice cold glass of tea is a true Southern tradition” said Andrew Oliver,
President of Braswell’s.  “While
Braswell’s Special Teas have distinctly modern flavors and packaging, we hope
they will help transport us back to when we had the time to sit, relax and
enjoy a neighbor’s company over a delicious glass of tea.”

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the
world, second only to water. While many people drink tea for social, spiritual
or enjoyment purposes, tea is known to contribute to good health.  From improving beneficial intestinal
micro-flora to preventing dental cavities to normalizing blood pressure, tea is
a natural antibiotic and antioxidant. Certain types of tea are also known to increase
energy, act as a natural sleep aid or settle an upset stomach.

A small number of foods and drinks have been packaged and
sold in reusable drinking glasses or jars over the years, however Braswell’s is
the first to package its gourmet preserves and teas in high quality, attractive
European glassware, making them a uniquely elegant and eco-friendly gift.

About Braswell’s

In 1946, young Albert Braswell returned from World War II
with a GI Bill and no job.  Using his
mom’s recipe, he began canning and selling pear preserves out of the back of
his truck. More than 60 years later, Braswell’s of Georgia has grown into a
true Southern tradition and one of the country’s largest producers of specialty
jams, jellies, preserves, toppings, relishes, dressings, fruit butters, fruit
spreads, fruit syrups, sauces, marmalades, and salsas. Known for its tremendous
selection of flavors and consistent high quality, Braswell’s is one of the most
popular suppliers of specialty and gourmet condiments for private labels, and
is known for its own brand of gourmet items like preserves and teas packaged in
European glassware. For more information on Braswell’s and to purchase
products, visit