Next Generation launches Sin and Serenity drinks

NEW YORK, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Stirring up the beverage industry with groundbreaking products and marketing, Next Generation Beverage, LLC is the brainchild of a team of businessmen – Rich Wilson, Ross Pantano, Thomas Toscano, Luis Fernandez, and Nat Salvemini, Ph.D. – each eager to revolutionize the soft drink industry.

Next Generation Beverage, LLC has developed energy and relaxation beverages that are original and uniquely blended. Setting itself apart from competitors in the marketplace that formulate their product overseas, the inceptive products, Sin Vitality Drink®, Sin-Free Vitality Drink® and Serenity Zen Beverage® are all domestically-produced in the U.S.A.

A tempting alternative to other energy drinks, Sin Vitality Drink® is a revitalizing blend of vitamins, caffeine, natural flavors and a distinct power formula, resulting in a dynamic, great-tasting burst of vitality. A departure from today’s often brash and oversized energy drinks, Sin® is packaged in a sleek can that evokes a stylish nocturnal look – a must-have for any night out. The chic, provocatively-designed can is set to become a fixture at the most exclusive nighttime haunts. Not a night owl? From young professionals during a busy work week, to savvy college students in need of an energizing pick-me-up during ever-present all-nighters, to athletes wishing to jumpstart their workouts or practices, Sin® is the perfect zestful addition to any daily routine. The 8.4oz. can is the perfect on-the-go accessory, whether you’re running out the door in the morning or hopping on the back of your Harley. Available in forthcoming seven ‘deadly sin’ flavors, Greed: The Sin of Excess is the introductory flavor. As the original sin, the drink is a sweet treat with a splash of lemon. On the heels of launching Sin®, Next Generation Beverage, LLC is also introducing Sin-Free®, a sugar-free, low-calorie counterpart. The ultimate sinful pleasure, minus the guilt, Sin-Free® allows you to indulge in the great taste and benefits of Sin® without the sugar and just 5 calories per can.

At the other end of the spectrum, Serenity Zen Beverage® is one of the first-ever relaxation beverages – a unique blend of vitamins, natural flavors and extracts and a relaxing, tranquil formula, with zero calories, sugar and carbohydrates. As our world pushes people to be on-the-go 24/7, now there is a much-needed non-alcoholic, relaxing beverage – granting drinkers the ability to unwind and relax, providing the perfect cap to long day, an athlete’s source of relaxation after a grueling workout, or even the soothing start to a coveted spa-day or beachside getaway. Whimsically-designed, the calming beverage is packaged in a light 8.4oz. can – a must-have travel companion for any traveler anxious about a flight. Helping to ease the stresses of day-to-day life, Serenity® helps to clear the mind, bringing drinkers closer to achieving their personal Zen.

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