Adina Adds New Blood Orange with Mangosteen Flavor to Zero Cal Line

All natural zero calories, naturally sweetened with proprietary Stevia blend add up to great-tasting refreshment

(Norwalk, CT) Nov 7, 2011 –Norwalk CT based Adina For Life, Inc., creators of Adina beverages, today announced they will add one new flavor to their current Adina all natural zero calorie line up, which launched April 2011 to rave reviews as one of the best-tasting zero calorie beverages on the market today. Adina’s line of all natural zero calorie drinks are naturally sweetened with a proprietary stevia blend providing a great-tasting finish without the calories or lingering aftertaste.

In addition to Wild Black Cherry with Resveratrol, and Maqui Melon with Tulsi, Adina will introduce Blood Orange with Mangosteen. Like the current flavors, the new sku will be made with only the finest ingredients–never anything artificial–and contain a 200mg blend of organic fruit and herbal extracts used for centuries as a natural way to restore harmony and wellness.  Adina’s proprietary herbal package contains lemon balm, valerian, chamomile, hibiscus, basil, lemon verbena, tulsi, rooibos, and amalaki extracts.

All three of Adina’s zero calorie products are perfectly balanced with refreshing fruit notes, enriched with vitamins, and contain a key functional ingredient. Resveratrol used in Wild Black Cherry aids in slowing down cellular damage, giving cells added energy for self-repairs. Tulsi, which is used in the new Maqui Melon product is a nerve tonic used to sharpen focus and memory. Mangosteen used in the new Blood Orange flavor has been identified as a powerful source of anti-oxidants and used to promote health.

“Our zero calorie line will continue to play a pivotal element to our success as we get set to introduce the new flavor this week,” said Norm Snyder, President and Chief Operating Officer at Adina.  Snyder added that Adina’s mission to meet consumer demand for healthier beverage options without sacrificing taste and refreshment is the key driver for the company’s innovation and early success with the line. Snyder added “Adina’s zero calorie products tested as superior tasting to the leading competitor’s no-cal flavors by a wide margin in an extensive blind taste panel. In addition, this line will broaden the consumer appeal of the entire line, serving as a catalyst for a breakout year for Adina.”

Adina’s base line of vitamin enriched fruit flavored beverages are currently available in 6 great-tasting all natural 70 calorie USDA organic certified varieties including Mango Orange with Chamomile, Pomegranate Acai with Yumberry, Cranberry Grapefruit with Goji, Blackberry Hibuscus with Rooibos, Coconut Guava with Lychee, and Passion Peach with Amalaki.

In addition to using only premium all natural ingredients, Adina’s products are also, Fair Trade certified, Gluten Free and Kosher to provide consumers with a responsible and better for you refreshment alternative in each 14-ounce glass bottle. “Adina offers an alternative for those consumers concerned about the health risks associated with artificial sweeteners and high-fructose corn syrup,” said Bruce Burke, Adina’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We understand our customers demand for healthier products and will build our franchise on the fact that we deliver on that need.” Adina uses only organic sugar and/or Stevia to sweeten their products. Soft drinks have recently been linked with the rise in childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes due to the amounts of refined sugar used.

In early November, 2011 Adina will kick-off with Dr. Pepper Snapple Group’s Southwest business unit, expanding its distribution footprint into TX, OK, NM and CO. Adina currently uses a DSD distribution network to distribute its products in 32 U.S. states including HI.

Adina’s all natural fruit drinks are sold in 14-ounce, single-serve glass bottles and have a suggested retail price of $1.49-$1.69.

About Adina for Life:

Adina for Life, Inc., was created by a pioneering team of entrepreneurs from Odwalla®, and SoBe®. Inspired by a vision to create a world that “Drinks No Evil,” these industry innovators came together to grow Adina and change the way the world does business—one drink at a time. The company is dedicated to producing great-tasting, better-for-you fair trade beverages, using only natural and/or USDA organic, directly sourced ingredients from around the world.

Adina natural beverages has three product lines: Adina Holistics flagship line of all natural vitamin enriched fruit drinks launched in May 2009; Adina Barista Brews all natural coffee drinks launched in Sep 2008; Adina Organic Tribal Blends, an organic fair trade line of exotic gourmet coffees and tea, launched in late 2007. For more information: