Celebrites Bring SoBe “Try Everything” Campaign To Life in New York City

PURCHASE, NY, May 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — SoBe® gets it. Life is more exciting — and more fun — when you try new things, whether it’s a new flavor (Yumberry Pomegranate anyone?) or a new experience (let’s say, milking a fake cow). Today, SoBe and a team of adventure-seeking celebrities are making it possible for fans to “Try Everything” in New York City’s Madison Square Park from 10 am to 4 pm.

For one day only, SoBe’s roster of celebs are challenging lucky fans to try and beat them at flavor-inspired challenges designed to create “must-try-and-share” experiences:

  • Hilary Duff is getting her day rolling by challenging fans to try to beat her at a round of Mango Melon bowling. It’s exactly what it sounds like …instead of bowling balls, she’s mixing it up by using real melons.
  • In-between sips of SoBe Fuji Apple Pear, Jessica Szohr is putting a new spin on baseball by challenging fans to see who can throw a Fuji apple faster.
  • Kate Upton is issuing a challenge to try to milk SoBe Orange Cream from a fake cow faster than she can.
  • Bernie Williams is “tea-ing” up a golf ball to see if he or his fans have better aim in a SoBe Putting Green Tea challenge.

Actress and sports fan Jessica Szohr is kicking things off showing off her fast Fuji apple pitch. “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pitcher, Jered Weaver, issued the first Fuji Apple Fast Ball challenge in SoBe’s new Try Everything ad,” says Szohr. “So I’m going to give it all I’ve got and I’m pretty confident about my accuracy and speed!”

“Today is all about ‘Try Everything’ SoBe-style and I’m ready to have a blast,” said actress and singer, Hilary Duff before her first round of SoBe Mango Melon bowling. “Mango Melon is one of my favorite SoBe flavors and I have a pretty good bowling arm, so I hope I do well in this SoBe ‘Try Everything’ challenge!”

Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 Rookie of the Year Kate Upton is challenging two lucky fans to a SoBe Orange Cream Cow Milking Contest. “I love the idea of ‘Try Everything,” said Upton. “I’m always looking to try something new and fun, so I knew I had to step up to this SoBe Orange Cream Cow Milking challenge – it’s going to be hysterical to see who wins. I may spend most of my time in the city, but I love animals, so I’m going to try milking this cow with the best of them!”

Finally, inspired by SoBe Green Tea, former New York Yankee Bernie Williams is testing his aim on the putting green against fans. Williams said, “I spent a lot of years on the green in the outfield and now I’m issuing a challenge on a different type of ‘green’ as part of my SoBe Green Tea putting contest. Bring it on!”

Turning Madison Square Park into an All-Day, “Try Everything” Hotspot
In addition to witnessing the hilarious outcomes of the four SoBe celebrity “Try Everything” challenges, thirsty fans are also invited to “Try Everything” by:

  • Participating in a live art installation with Higher Level Art’s Danny Babcock who will be leading the creation of a custom community-mural inspired by SoBe’s 31 flavors and the spirit of New York City.
  • Creating unique posters and t-shirts and screening personal belongings, such as laptop cases, shoes, coats, bags, etc. using New York-centric designs inspired by SoBe Lifewater, Elixirs and Teas.
  • Designing personalized “Tried It” badges using catalogue of images that embrace the SoBe lifestyle and “Try Everything” mindset.

A free sample bar featuring custom SoBe Flavor Flights ensures guests can sample a variety of SoBe Lifewater, Elixirs and Teas. Each flight pairs four two-ounce samples of complimentary SoBe drinks on a traditional flight paddle to provide the opportunity for flavor experimentation.

SoBe “Try Everything” in a City Near You

For those who can’t make it to Manhattan, SoBe will be bringing the rally cry of “Try Everything” to six cultural-hotbed markets this summer including, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Portland and Seattle. SoBe Scouts will hit the streets encouraging locals to “Try Everything” by facilitating hands-on opportunities and one-of-a-kind experiences inspired by SoBe’s 31 flavors, such as:

  • Building a giant sand-lizard in an impromptu sandcastle building contest inspired by SoBe Pina Colada Elixir.
  • Joining in on a rooftop dance party energized by SoBe Lean Honey Green Tea.
  • Learning to mix beats, inspired by SoBe Lifewater Cherimoya Punch, alongside a local pro.

Each SoBe Scout team will be outfitted with custom-built, vintage-cool cars that will serve as both sampling stations and mobile beacons of the “Try Everything” spirit. Wherever the SoBe Lizard is spotted this summer, whether at the beach, a local art fair or an underground showcase, SoBe is bringing consumers the chance to try something new. SoBe “Try Everything” officially hits the road June 3 in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland; Seattle and Denver are slated to launch mid-summer.

“The more you open yourself up to new experiences, the more chances you’ll have to discover something you love – whether it’s a crazy flavor blend like Orange Carrot, a new band, a new type of food, or even a new hairstyle,” said Andrew Katz, senior director of marketing, SoBe. “It’s all about finding new ways to keep life fun.”

The adventure lives on at the revamped SoBe.com where new “Try Everything” digital experiences will be introduced each week. Trust us, you’ll want to try them all, from “Try Making Out with the Office Hottie” as fueled by SoBe Citrus Energy to being inspired by SoBe Acai Fruit Punch to “Try the Language of Love” … in a new language. Also follow @sobeworld to participate in the #tryeverything conversation.

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