Red Bull Augmented Racing is Here

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (March 11, 2011) – We all know Red Bull Gives You Wings. Now, the can also triggers the creation of a digital racetrack.

Red Bull Augmented Racing is delivering a first-ever mobile gaming app for the iPhone and wifi-enabled iPod Touch that allows players to create their own custom-built digital racetrack using Red Bull cans.

“You don’t just play the game, you create it,” said Brian Vickers, driver of the #83 Red Bull Racing Team Toyota. “This is a new way for fans to further connect with the Red Bull Racing Team and enjoy the race experience on a handset.”

This innovative form of game play, where racing comes to life by tracing the cans with your handset camera, is featured on all Red Bull Augmented Racing 8.4 oz 12-Packs, available in both regular and Sugarfree varieties through Summer 2011.”

Fans can race their custom track and share it with friends and family and also upload it for users everywhere to race on. Using Advanced Sensor Fusion, motion data is collected from an iPhone or iPod Touch camera, which identifies visual points of interest and then tracks the movements of those points between each frame of video. Visual recognition of the Red Bull cans is done with the camera using natural feature identification.

The game was developed in conjunction with, which is a leader in uncovering remarkable uses for gameplay, animation, 3D and cross-platform creative execution.

Here are the key steps to building and racing a track:

  • · Download the Red Bull augmented racing game app to an iPhone or iPod Touch by going to
    · Build a track with Red Bull cans by capturing images as you move from can to can, returning to the first can you captured. Set the cans up on stairs, table tops, long hallways, etc. – the track design is up to the user.
    · A thumbnail image will be automatically generated of the track on the handset. Save it, race it and share it.
    · Challenge friends to beat your time. Browse and race thousands of other tracked created by fellow race fans and see real time leader boards.

Red Bull has made it easy for fans: all they need is an iPhone or iPod Touch – and a Red Bull Augmented Racing 12-Pack.

Red Bull Augmented Racing 12-Packs are available at Walmart, Kroger, Target and other locations nationwide with an MSRP of $21.99.