Blue Monkey Introduces New Coconut-Based Beverages

As the Coconut Category continues to ’crack’ records of growth, Blue Monkey spreads more coconuts around.

The Blue Monkey™ Coconut Collection increases distribution with more retailers and more regional distributors. As it continues its own rapid growth, Blue Monkey adds Safeway, QFC, and expands into several drugs store chains in the US and Canada. Additionally, Blue Monkey will ship Japan in early Summer 2012, as well as Korea and Australia.

In strategic key markets such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, DSD distributors are being added to the existing UNFI, Natures Best and KEHE list. Blue Monkey will also be available to DPI Specialty customers.

And then there is the product range. As the base products continue with several sizes of 100% coconut water in cans with pulp and non pulp versions , expansion starting this month will include two new six packs, a glass version, and a 1 Liter tetra pack version.

All are not from concentrate , produced at nearby plantations, close to the source with no added sugar or preservatives. Blue Monkey’s Instant Coconut Crystal Packs have introduced more appealing taste profiles and soluble coconut beverages.

Introducing new, innovative, updated versions of Blue Monkey™ 50/50 blends. (50% NFC coconut 50% NFC Juices (Mango, Passion, Guava and Pineapple) in 16 oz bottles; the Blue Monkey™ Organic Coconut Milk Beverage in 12 oz. cans for a great tasting dairy/soy alternative beverage ; Blue Monkey™ Organic Coconut Coffee (soy /dairy-free) and Blue Monkey™ Toasted Coconut Chips.; Blue Monkey™ Aloe group. These new additions to the collection are being profiled at Natural Foods Expo West in Anaheim , March 9-11, 2012.

Blue Monkey emphasizes the non-use of concentrates to ensure that the original base, quality and functionality are maintained.

The Blue Monkey™ product line provides the end consumer with a pure, clean, simple,authentic beverage that delivers the immediate benefit of replenishing the body with electrolytes and is naturally low in calories. The beverage also contains Potassium, the key mi neral component of Blue Monkey™ Coconut Water health. The collection is conveniently available to the consumer in an assortment of package offerings and flavors, with retail price points from $0.99 for an individual powder pack to $8.99 for a 10 pack master powder pack box for retail sale. Blue Monkey™ is also offered in recyclable, bimetal container cans and P.E.T. single serving bottles, which have an MSRP of $1.79 to $2.99.

The single serve containers are 16 oz PET – made of BPA Free plastic, the 11.2 oz and 17.6 oz cans are tin/steel and 20g powder pouches for travel are made of recyclable foil The all natural juice flavors are sourced from coconut water and blended with passion fruit, mango, guava, and tropical.

The PET versions are produced in the U.S., while the 100% coconut products are packaged for BLUE MONKEY™ in several Asian countries. Blue Monkey Coconut Milk Beverage and Blue Monkey Organic Coconut Coffee are being produced in both Asia and the U.S. Blue Monkey is available at better health, specialty food stores and grocery chains including Whole Foods in Canada and the U.S. and Amazon.

Blue Monkey is available at better health, specialty food stores and grocery chains including Whole Foods in Canada and the U.S. and Amazon.