Cocolife 100% Pure Coconut Water in Glass Now Available at Whole Foods Market

August 2, 2012 – Cocolife 100% Pure coconut water launches at Whole Foods Market stores nationally in August 2012. “The very stuff of nature…” Cocolife is 100% natural coconut water, with nothing added and nothing taken away. So you know that you and your family will be drinking something that is 100% as Mother Nature intended it. “biologically pure…” Cocolife takes this biologically pure liquid and, through the use of world-class technology, seals in the goodness without the need for chemical preservatives. “full of natural sugars, salts and vitamins…” Cocolife is so chock full of goodness and in such perfect balance, that it can be used instead of plasma as an intravenous treatment for extreme dehydration. And it is more nutritious for babies than many baby formulas. It is perfectly in tune with your body. “to ward off fatigue…”

A glass of Cocolife after exercise, or whenever you are feeling tired, will perk you up better and more naturally than either an isotonic drink or many of the more extreme “energy drinks”. “the next wave of energy drinks…” As people become more health-conscious, more and more of us will realize that drinking sugar-water with a few chemicals added is probably not what Nature intended us to do to ourselves. Cocolife will be at the forefront of the new trend towards healthier drinks, protecting hearts, hydrating runners and providing a healthier lifestyle for sportsmen and others alike. “BUT natural.” Cocolife is Nature’s own isotonic drink. This world-class product provides you with the chance to improve the health and the vitality of your entire family. And it is the perfect addition to any weight-loss diet that any of them might be on.