Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water Continues Expansion Along West Coast

July 24, 2012 (Los Angeles, CA) Victoria’s Kitchen, an innovative brand of almond water, plans rapid expansion into key and core markets.  Beginning August, 2012, consumers will enjoy finding almond water in grab & go coolers in more upscale natural chains outside of California such as AJ’s Fine Foods (AZ), Metropolitan Market (WA) and Yoke’s Fresh Markets (WA). The company is also adding more upscale retailers in its home state, California, with a launch at Bristol Farms, Lazy Acres, Berkley Bowl, and New Frontiers Natural Marketplace. Owner and Founder David Meniane shares “We are very excited about the amazing growth we are experiencing but we still try to be careful in controlling where our product is being sold.”

Currently distributed in leading retailer specialty markets including Draeger’s Markets, Mollie Stone’s Markets, and Oliver’s Market, Victoria’s Kitchen has also signed expansion agreements with Presence Marketing to help introduce the brand in the Pacific NW region (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska). New distribution will focus on natural and upscale chains of the NW region.  Victoria’s Kitchen has also planned for expanded distribution in the Southern California regions via LA Distributing and Nature’s Best. Currently the brand is available throughout the West Coast and in select retailers throughout the country, including Giant Eagle’s Market District and World Market.

Made from simple ingredients (Pure Cane Sugar, Natural Almond Flavor and Citric Acid), Victoria’s Kitchen Almond WaterTM promises no high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, artificial colors, preservatives or synthetic flavors.  The popularity of the brand has rested on the product’s refreshing taste and all natural ingredients.  Victoria’s Kitchen is also Kosher and is made from gluten free ingredients.

“I’ve been drinking Almond WaterTM longer than I can remember and 29 years later, I’m still drinking it,” shares owner, David Meniane.  “The difference is it doesn’t take 5 hours to extract the flavor from the Almonds and infuse the water with it. I now drink it straight from the bottle or in the glass mixed with ice. Almond Water is for everyone looking for something innovative, sweet but not too sweet, and most importantly refreshing and 100% natural.”  For a full list of current retail distribution and product availability, please see:

About Victoria’s Kitchen
Originally from France, Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water is based on a grandmother’s recipe prepared in respect to the traditional technique of creating almond water. Victoria’s Kitchen is made with 100% natural ingredients, No artificial flavors or colors, pure cane sugar and 100% pure Grandma love. Created out of respect of family traditions and recipes, Victoria’s Kitchen uses only the best ingredients for you. Almond Water is currently being distributed by UNFI, Nature’s Best, Crown Pacific Fine Foods and other regional distributors. For more information, please email