Ted Ginn, Sr. and Ted Ginn, Jr. Endorse Youthtopia

Just like his dad, Ted Ginn, Jr. is all about helping the kids on and off the field.

CLEVELAND — “It’s all about helping the kids on and off the field,” has been the mantra of Ted Ginn, Sr. and his NFL football star son Ted Ginn, Jr. since the two can remember. So, it’s no surprise that today Youthtopia™ Beverages, www.youthtopiabevs.com,  announced the formal endorsement of its great tasting and better-for-you Alley Oop™ sports drink, the next big thing in the isotonic/hydration sector. The Louisiana born and Ohio raised father and son have impacted thousands of young people through a combination of football and education and have been enormously successful in developing youth on and off the field.

The Ginns are currently in two separate places, one a current NFL star and the other an educational leader at The Ginn Academy in Collinwood, OH as well as the Glenville High School football coach and Head Track and Field Coach of a five time State Champion. Yet both are united in their desire to help young people. “We believe in helping kids and sending a positive message through football and education. That also extends to taking proper care of yourself. That’s why we believe in Alley Oop™ as the best alternative in sports drinks to keep our young people hydrated and healthy,” said Ted Ginn, Sr. And, he should know a thing or two about keeping kids healthy. As a coach, his programs have sent more than 100 students to college on scholarships, one winning a Heisman Trophy, and a total of 17 players either currently in or having played in the NFL.

Youthtopia™ Beverages’ Alley Oop™ sports drink is already available in dozens of South Florida independent retailers and select sports outlets in Ohio. Alley Oop™ represents the first of several better-for-you beverages to be introduced by Youthtopia as alternatives for today’s kids, tweens, teens and young adults seeking a great tasting, vitamin loaded  hydration drink.

Alley Oop™ is designed for active youth, teens and young adults 10-24 years old. Developed by a health and fitness inspired Ophthalmologist, Alley Oop™ is low-calorie, low-sugar, caffeine-free, Gluten-free, vitamin enhanced and formulated to naturally hydrate and replenish electrolytes lost during regular and aggressive activities. All Youthtopia™ products are specifically created to provide healthy and naturally safe energy and to support the demand for beverage options that help address the growing incidence of childhood obesity and diabetes.

“We are deeply moved to have the support of the Ginn’s who are respected as sports figures, innovators and educators. Their messages to young people ring true and make a difference so when they say our Alley Oop™ sports drink is a good alternative they will listen up,” said Youthtopia™ Beverage’s creator and founder, Dr. Brenda Faye Jones. “We hope that when coaches and parents around the country who learn about the support we’ve received from respected sources such as the Ginn’s look for our product online, they ask their retailer to carry it so their kids can benefit from the combination of ingredients. We’ve created Alley Oop™ specifically to meet the health and taste requirements of our consumers and anyone looking for a great tasting hydration beverage that delivers on function.”

Alley Oop™ is the first beverage introduced by Youthtopia™ Beverages. With only 40 calories per 16oz. serving, 10 grams of sugar, vitamins including calcium, vitamin D, multiple B vitamins, all natural flavors and no preservatives or caffeine, the sports drink provides a truly better way to hydrate and is an energy-providing alternative. Now, with the expansion of the brand’s flavor profile including Citrus Grind, Straw-Mango and Slam Punch, youths and teens will now have beverage options that provide great taste and true function. Each bottle sells at retail for $1.99 to $2.29.

Alley Oop™ and other Youthtopia™ Beverages continue to be methodically introduced in South Florida and the Southeast, and other strategic locations across the country. Additionally, Youthtopia™ Beverages is dedicated to drawing attention for its brands through today’s new marketing including social media and video, active promotions with gaming and music partners and through other methods that reflect the culture of today’s youth.

Marketing partners should be particularly pleased that Youthtopia™ Beverages will be supporting its products at retail through its proprietary social network web site and via its Internet radio station where young visitors can give “shout outs” to their friends and teams, share sports scores and be interviewed. Youthtopia will have a radio presence at www.youthtopiabevs.com, Live365.com and its mobile App, Roku, Tivo and will be coming soon to iTunes. Visitors can also upload videos of their teams and winning plays and interact with other young people and athletes across the nation at the web site. The Alley Oop™ radio station will be available for use on smart phones and tablets. Android and iPhone apps are expected soon.

About Youthtopia™ Beverage Brands, Youthtopia, LLC

The health and wellness of today’s youth and teens are at the heart of Youthtopia™ Beverages. Founded by a health and fitness inspired Ophthalmologist, Youthtopia’s mission is to provide energizing, healthy and great-tasting beverages that are designed to promote an active lifestyle and fight diabetes and obesity. With more health and wellness issues facing America’s youth, including childhood obesity, digestive disorders, heart and circulatory illnesses, respiratory problems and type 2 diabetes, many of these ailments are linked to a poor diet that’s fueled by a lack of healthy beverage options.

All Youthtopia product lines are designed to provide parents and youth with healthful, delicious beverage options. The company’s goal is to educate, activate and naturally hydrate young people through our products and our marketing methods that send the right messages through the right channels that reach our target audiences. Youthtopia aims to cultivate a new culture of youths that are empowered with smart beverage options that combine health, great taste and fun! For more information about Youthtopia™ Beverage and its products, visit www.youthtopiabevs.com or call 216-200-8306.