B’More Organic Increases Office Space and Announces New Hires

109271051.bottles.highres.16oz.strawberry.copyBaltimore, MD (April 2015)—  Demand for high-protein food and beverage products is greater in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world.[1]  This category is supported largely by the number of U.S. consumers actively seeking meal replacement beverages, with 46% of all meal-replacement users stating that high-protein content is the most important factor when making their selection.[2]  As drinkable yogurts continue to benefit from the growing protein market,[3] B’more Organic(www.bmoreorganic.com) a leading brand of delicious and creamy, no sugar added, Icelandic-style skyr smoothies continues to expand its retail availability and supports this growth by adding three new employees to its team and moving to a new, larger office location in the up and coming Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden.

As B’more Organic increases its distribution throughout the U.S. this summer, the brand hires new staff to support manufacturing, sales, and marketing. The growing B’more Organic Team now includes Edward Townsend, Local Sales Manager, Denise Midei, Controller, and Amanda Sains, Marketing & Operations Manager.

This larger team motivated B’more Organic’s move to a new office space in the Union Mill side of Hampden, a funky, growing neighborhood in the Baltimore City Limits. Famous for exuding a unique charm and urban vibe, Hampden is home to the city’s hippest restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and art venues, as well as several other food businesses, including Salazon Chocolate, Mouth Party Caramel, and Union Craft Brewery.  Native to the Baltimore area and rooted in the city’s urban culture, B’more Organic’s creamy, skyr smoothies satisfy the progressive population who actively seek organic, delicious, and nutritious grab-and-go beverages.[4]

“At a time when Baltimore is undergoing some soul searching about economic opportunities, we hope to be part of the re-stabilization of our city,” says Andrew Buerger, Founder and CEO of B’more Organic. “By leasing space in the city and adding new job opportunities there, we aim to be a part of the solution while helping this city b’more healthy.”

Blended with Icelandic-style skyr made from organic grass-fed cow’s milk, B’more Organic offers quick grab and go, fat-free smoothies each packed with a minimum 32 grams of protein.  B’more Organic smoothies are available in six mouthwatering flavors including: Plain, Mango Banana, Banana, Vanilla,Cafe Latte, and newly launched Strawberry. With a flavor for every palette, a highly-skilled team, and new urban offices, B’more Organic encourages all individuals to “B’more Healthy, B’more Giving, and B’more Green.”

About B’more Organic®

Founded in Baltimore, B’more Organic is rapidly spreading its retail footprint to bring protein-rich skyr to U.S. consumers in the form of creamy skyr smoothies. B’more Organic’s smoothies are made from Icelandic-style skyr yogurt, with over 32 grams of protein, no added sugar and probiotic cultures in each bottle. B’more Organic is a certified B Corporation, dedicated to sustainable business practices. The grass-fed organic milk used in its smoothies (available in Plain, Banana, Mango Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla and Café Latte) comes from small farms in Lancaster, PA. B’More Organic is USDA Certified Organic, GMO-free and fat-free. B’more Organic donates proceeds from sales to Jodi’s Climb for Hope, a charity that raises money to fund research to develop a viable treatment for breast cancer.

Connect with B’more Organic on Facebook (www.facebook.com/BmoreOrganic), and follow on Twitter @BmoreOrganic for general updates and promotional opportunities.  For more information about B’more Organic please visit www.bmoreorganic.com.  For media related inquiries, or to set up an interview with Andrew Buerger of B’more Organic, please contact Lauren Haines of Christie Communications at (805) 969-3744 or at lhaines@christiecomm.com.