COGO Coconut Milk Verified by Food Allergy App Content Checked

COGO_Strawberry_Front_mediumMontreal, QC. Feb. 26, 2015 – Researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans are living with food allergies, including 1 in 13 children (under the age of 18). An even greater number – between 30 and 50 million – of Americans suffer from food intolerances, such as lactose intolerance, which aren’t life threatening, but nevertheless require stringent avoidance to remain healthy. As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our lives, it isn’t surprising that technological solutions, like the Content Checked food allergy app, can now help Americans navigate the grocery store and will have them reaching for COGO Coconut Milk Smoothies more frequently.

For the first time, if Content Checked app users scan every COGO Coconut Milk Smoothie variety that are currently for sale in the US, then they will receive a detailed report about the allergens, or in this case, the lack their of in each flavor. When Joanne Hollander, our founder and product developer, started Soyummi Foods, she was inspired to develop allergen-friendly food because she struggled to find food at grocery and health food stores that adhered to her son’s lactose intolerance diagnosis and realized that other moms who have children with one or multiple food allergies struggle in the same way. Since Soyummi was created because of a mother’s experience with her child’s food restrictions, it’s significant that our smoothies are now listed on Content Checked. It feels like the allergic community is validating Soyummi Foods’ products.

It isn’t that individual consumers with allergies or who have kids with them haven’t shown that there is a real need for COGO Coconut Milk Smoothies already. In fact, Melissa Montovani, Soyummi’s Marketing & Customer Relations Director said, “We get many emails and comments on our social media channels that show us that people with lactose intolerance, allergies, and even vegetarian or vegan lifestyles rely on the food we create. We always have.” Somehow, now that over 72,000 US users, as of October 21, 2014, (and growing) have our products at their fingertips with the Content Check Food Allergy app, it seems a whole lot bigger.

COGO Coconut Milk Smoothies are a USDA organic blend of coconut milk, quinoa, millet, a natural source of dietary fiber called inulin, and functional ingredients that vary by flavor. Currently available in Vanilla Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Cappuccino, Chai, Mango, and Strawberry, there’s sure to be at least one – if not several flavors – that will appeal to health-conscious people who want a convenient, grab ‘n go beverage to replace a meal, as a pre- or post-workout energizer, or as a snack whenever and wherever they want it. They are also completely free of the top 10 food allergens.

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