Original New York Seltzer Returns After 20-Year Hiatus

LOS ANGELES, June 23rd, 2015 – Original New York Seltzer, the groundbreaking clear beverage that made its triumphant debut in the 1980s is finally back on shelves after a 20 year hiatus. Original New York Seltzer was once widely available in countless shops and eateries, and the demand for the beverage catapulted the brand to national success. Over the past 20 years, consumers have shared fond memories of the sparkling beverage, and starting today, the wait is over and America can finally sip and savor Original New York Seltzer again.

Now back exactly as America remembers it, Original New York Seltzer features the original recipes, original signature glass bottles and original labels. It maintains the uniquely clear, clean and genuinely, crisp, natural flavors. From the beginning, Original New York Seltzer was a trendsetter in using premium ingredients, and today, it continues that legacy using no preservatives, colors or artificial components in its drinks.


“As a kid growing up in the ‘80s, my family and friends all knew and loved Original New York Seltzer – it was the only brand our parents would allow us to drink,” said Ryan Marsh, president of Original New York Seltzer. “I am thrilled to be bringing Original New York Seltzer back. We’re committed to upholding everything that has made this brand unique –from the crisp flavors to the natural ingredients to the original packaging. We’re confident that ONYS will change the tide and we’re excited to roll out to America again and introduce Original New York Seltzer to a whole new generation.”

Original New York Seltzer is available at major retailers, shops and eateries across the country. Six of the most popular original flavors are available, including Peach, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Lemon & Lime, Root Bear and Vanilla Cream. The rest of the original signature flavors will follow. Consumers will also have the opportunity to purchase the drink directly from DrinkNewYorkSeltzer.com.

About Original New York Seltzer®

Original New York Seltzer® is an iconic, groundbreaking beverage brand known for its signature rounded glass bottles and crisp natural flavor. It is uniquely clear, using no preservatives, colors or artificial elements. It currently comes in six delicious flavors: Peach, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Lemon & Lime, Root Bear and Vanilla Cream. Created in the 1980s, Original New York Seltzer became a cultural phenomenon, attracting millions of fans and going head-to-head with giant beverage conglomerates. Original New York Seltzer was ahead of its time championing natural ingredients and use of glass bottles. Original New York Seltzer is poised to positively disrupt the beverage industry for good.