ERO Energy Shot Focuses on Branched-Chain Amino Acids

No Beverage Like It: ERO Reinvents the Wheel with 10g BCAA Fitness Shot

NEW YORK CITY, October 16, 2016—ERO—a 6oz shot featuring 10g BCAAs, without any calories or caffeine—is now available, aimed to bring BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) to both fitness enthusiasts and the general population.

According to (2015): “With the turn toward nutritional and energy beverages, nutrition companies are differentiating themselves from their mainstream competitors, and BCAAs are the current star.” ERO is the first RTD beverage on the market to feature 10g BCAAs, 6g vitamins and other amino acids, without any calories, caffeine, or sugars, all in a 6oz shot. Coupled with a soon-to-be released all-natural version, ERO is leading the way in beverage innovation.

Given the solubility issues of BCAAs, incorporating the ingredient into RTDs is notoriously difficult, which is why BCAAs are sold overwhelmingly in cumbersome, expensive powder-form. ERO Life, LLC worked with proven beverage-industry experts and food scientists over the course of nearly 2 years to fine-tune the solubility of 16,000mg of functionals, as well as the issues of taste and odor, to pack all the benefits of multiple powders, pills, and nutrients, into an incredibly convenient 6oz shot.

“At ERO, our goal is to bring BCAAs to the masses,” says Richard Scheiwe, CEO, “to change lives on a grand scale. BCAAs—which the body can’t naturally produce and are the building blocks of protein—are a wonder ingredient. Scientifically definitive research has validated BCAAs to: Increase energy; reduce muscle soreness, increase endurance; decrease fatigue; suppress the appetite; and burn fat. 10 grams is the key dosage, however, which is the biggest hurdle: solubility. We caught lightning in a bottle, and ERO does what it says it does.”

Given the growing and crowded market for RTDs of all kinds, ERO Life, LLC is innovatively leveraging multiple partnerships to get ERO into consumers’ hands, from Amazon Prime shipping to gym and fitness-center sales. With continued assistance from industry leaders, ERO is continuing its roll-out through the Eastern seaboard and West Coast markets.

About ERO Life, LLC

ERO was a formula being tested and retested by one of ERO Life’s co-founders, Richard Scheiwe, for years while he ran ultramarathons and experimented with fasting workouts. After a conversation about how inconvenient BCAA powders are, Richard—along with co-founders Jason and Laura Schwalbe—realized the gap in the RTD-market for the revolutionary ingredient. After nearly two years of research and development, ERO was born.

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