Video: Snackable Beverages Are “Center of the Bullseye” For Evolution Fresh

Cold-pressed juice brand Evolution Fresh is placing greater emphasis on beverages that can be consumed as snacks and is planning to launch a new line of “Organic Superfoods” smoothies next year, according to president Ryan Ziegelmann, who was interviewed as part of BevNET Live Winter 2016’s Livestream Lounge coverage.

“We continue to talk to our customers and they continue to tell us that that they’re looking for innovative, healthy snacks and refreshment,” Ziegelmann said. “We’ve been really focusing on that for the last year.”

The new smoothie line, which Evolution Fresh debuted at Natural Products Expo East 2016, is a concept developed in part to be an everyday snack option. Made with a base of coconut milk and infused with a range of nutrient-dense ingredients, including turmeric, spirulina and baobab, the beverages will come in four varieties and launch at natural channel retailers in mid-2017.

Meanwhile, Ziegelmann pointed to increased distribution of Evolution Fresh’s protein-infused juice smoothies, which were launched earlier this year, as an example of growing use of and demand for beverages consumed as snacks. He noted that much of the new and recently launched innovation stems from the consumption habits of brand founder Jimmy Rosenberg.

“We’re engaging Jimmy in a very special way,” Ziegelmann said. “These are basically extensions of his daily routines. It’s center of the bullseye for us, and for him, and we’re excited about bringing these to the masses.”

Amid a growing number of American consumers embracing organic foods, a key aspect of the superfoods line will be the products’ organic formulation. However, Evolution Fresh will continue to innovate and develop new beverages made with non-organic fruits and vegetables, Ziegelmann said. He explained that the Starbucks-owned brand is focused on using sustainably sourced and healthy ingredients and noted that “sometimes those aren’t necessarily one and the same with organic.”

Watch our full interview with Ziegelmann as he discusses more about the innovation and distribution strategy for Evolution Fresh as well as his thoughts on the development and future of cold-pressed juice and why he wants to reframe it as a “functional beverage.” Ziegelmann also talks about the upcoming change in Starbucks leadership and what it means for Evolution Fresh.