Zoganic Launches fruitZip, a 100% Natural Energy Supplement Beverage

Zoganic Launches fruitZip™, a 100% Natural, True-to-the-Fruit Energy Supplement BeverageThis fall, Zoganic launched its fruitZip drink into 2,000 stores in the east coast U.S. This new natural take on the energy drink is the first to meet consumer demand for truly healthy fatigue fighters.

Each fruitZip beverage offers a light, refreshing fruity taste combined with a palpable, fast energy boost that has been met with a highly positive consumer response. It is also sugar-free, aspartame-free, low calorie, low carb, 100% organic, gluten-free and GMO-free

The launch includes four new fruit flavors: pineapple, orange, coconut, and multi. Each “multi” flavor serves as a daily multi-vitamin in addition to serving as a fatigue fighter. Zoganic has also released a variety pack that includes all the fruit flavors in one convenient box. fruitZip provides additional total-body benefits — fruitzip Pineapple, for example, can provide relief for acid reflux and other digestive conditions thanks to the natural properties of pineapple and ginger, both included in the drink. fruitZip Orange contains wholesome, nutritious, organic ingredients known to bolster immunity and increase energy, while fruitZip Coconut increases vigor, stamina and energy.

Speaking of convenience, fruitZip comes in small, pocketable sachet packages, which consumers can tuck into purses or gym bags. The powder is meant to be stirred into six ounces of water. However, while many water additives essentially destroy the benefits of drinking water, fruitZip enhances them.

“Our formula is backed by science and comes straight from nature,” said Natahan Belkowitz, Vice President of Zoganic’s Product Development Department. “The energy boost is delivered from the natural and original nutritious supplements extracted from the fruit itself, unlike unnatural vitamins, sugar and caffeine. This means fruitZip won’t cause unpleasant crashes at the end of a long, hard day.”

Many water additives contain a great deal of added sugar or artificial sweeteners, which can derail consumer health goals such as weight loss. Zoganic’s fruitZip supports them by avoiding these things, and by providing a viable alternative to sodas, sugary juice, sugar sweetened tea and water additives spiked with aspartame.

To maintain the fastidious standards of all Zoganic products, fruitZip is manufactured in a cGMP, USDA organic, and non-GMO facility for safety and quality.

About Zoganic

Zoganic has a mission: to bring the public healthy remedies with honest flavor and feeling. Zoganic is devoted to creating products with impeccably clean ingredients and safe, natural processes, all while delivering the most incredible tastes. For more information, visit www.zoganic.com.

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