NACS 2017 Video: Protein2O’s Bob Kral Wants to ‘Grow Categories’

Following a capital raise of $4 million, Protein2O is looking to grow the protein and enhanced water categories with a product that unites the best of both worlds. In an interview with BevNET at NACS 2017 in Chicago, CEO Bob Kral said c-stores provide a good opportunity for Protein2O to disrupt existing beverage cooler sets, but it’s the e-commerce business led by Amazon sales that is helping the brand grow its consumer audience.

“Amazon has made us a nationwide product,” Kral said. “We are actually one of the top protein RTDs currently sold on Amazon, so Amazon introduces us into the marketplace and they actually help feed consumers into brick-and-mortar for us.”

Also in this interview, Kral discussed the company’s newly refreshed leadership team of beverage industry veterans, new product innovations, and how the company sees its products as an alternative instead of a “me-too” brand.