Press Clips: Ritual Coffee Roasters Teams with Cannabis Startup for THC Cold Brew

San Francisco Coffee Roaster Teams with Cannabis Startup for THC Cold Brew


Ritual Coffee Roasters is high on producing a new kind of morning Joe. The San Francisco-based company has partnered with Bay Area cannabis startup Somatik to provide the beans for a cannabis-infused cold brew.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the cold brew comes in 8 oz. bottles and contains 15mg of THC (roughly 1.5 times the average dosage for edibles). Somatik CEO Chris Schroeder described the coffee as having a chocolatey flavor with notes of citrus and currant, with only “subtle notes” of cannabis.

The coffee retails for $12 per bottle and is sold at two cannabis dispensaries, one in San Francisco and the other in Oakland.

California Lawmaker Wants Plastic Caps Tethered to Bottles

A California lawmaker wants to limit environmental damage caused by stray bottle caps and has introduced a bill that would require plastic caps to be tethered to the bottle.

According to The Sacramento Bee, Assembly Bill 319 would bar retailers from selling beverages in bottles with untethered caps. If passed, the regulation would go into effect in 2020.

“By requiring that those lids stay attached to the plastic bottles that consumers use, we can ensure that they are part of California’s successful recycling programs and not in landfills or the environment,” said Assemblyman Mark Stone, who introduced the bill. “Californians have been very clear about their desire to protect our communities from plastic pollution, and AB 319 is a clear step in pursuing that intent.”

Whole Foods to Close Nine Stores


Whole Foods Market last week announced that it will close nine stores this spring, according to CNBC. According to the report, the natural foods retailer plans to abandon its goal of opening more than 1,200 stores in favor of a more “disciplined growth” model. The announcement came during a recent earnings call to analysts.

Although the company shuttering some locations, Whole Foods added 14 new stores in Q1 2017. CEO and co-founder John Mackey told analysts the company has seen “modest traffic improvement from Q4 to Q1” and that 2017 is off to a “strong start for the first five weeks.”

The Secret History of the LaCroix Label

Bon Appetit dug into the backstory behind the design of LaCroix sparkling water’s increasingly iconic label design last month with a feature profile of the brand and package designers.

The food and beverage website spoke with Lyle Zimmerman, head of design firm Alchemy Brand Group, the company that defied convention in the early 2000s and created the now iconic label for LaCroix’s 12 oz. cans.

“In a sea of logos that were more sedate, precious in size, and often sans serif, the script denoted movement, energy, and fluidity—all traits applicable to water and especially the effervescence of LaCroix,” Zimmerman said.

Forbes Presents “Kombucha 101”

As kombucha breaks through from the fringes of health drinks into the mainstream consciousness, many consumers are still unsure what exactly the drink is.

Hoping to bridge the understanding gap, Forbes has published a handy guide titled “Kombucha 101” discussing the history, brewing process, modern rise to prominence, and regulatory controversies of the beverage.

Kara Goldin Resigns From NACIE in Defiance of President Trump

kara goldin hint

Goldin (front and center) with the other October, 2016 inductees of NACIE.

Hint Water CEO Kara Goldin this month announced that she has quit the National Advisory Council On Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE) after only four months, writing in a Medium post that she believes U.S. President Donald Trump will not listen to the advice or guidance of the council.

Goldin began what was to be a two-year term on the council in October, 2016.

“I am resigning from NACIE because I believe that we now have a President that has no interest in advice, that is pursuing power as an end in and of itself and that has no intention of solving real problems or creating real opportunities for the people of this great nation,” Goldin wrote. “More importantly, as the leader of an innovative company that’s helping America get healthier, I feel a deep obligation to our employees, our investors and our customers to distance myself from the sexism, racism, protectionism and hate that has defined the Trump administration’s first days in office.”