Expo East 2018 Video: Phocus Building Broad Consumer Coalition with Sparkling Energy Water

Innovations in energy have often sought to provide consumers with more energy, but today many functional beverage brands are hoping to offer better energy.

One such company is Clear/Cut Phocus, a sparkling water infused with 75mg of caffeine from green tea and L-theanine, an increasingly popular amino acid and nootropic also sourced from tea that provides consumers with a more level, focused energy boost without a crash. The product, available in five SKUs, has been on the market for roughly a year and is now expanding into new retailers nationwide, seeking to both ride the category momentum for sparkling water while offering something more innovative as well.

During the Natural Products Expo East 2018 trade show, held Sept. 13-15 in Baltimore, BevNET spoke with Phocus founder and CEO Tom O’Grady about the company’s retail channel strategy, , why L-theanine is seeing a surge in popularity, and how Phocus is speaking to a wide breadth of consumer demographics, from university students to nurses to ketogenic diet followers.