Forager Project Introduces Coconut Cashew Milk

SAN FRANCISCO — This summer, San Francisco-based Forager Project will introduce Coconut Cashew milk and Coconut Cashewgurt, a line of full-fat, rich and delicious, plant-based milk and yogurt made with cashew and coconut. Creamy and indulgent, Forager’s new milk and yogurt products extol the virtues of healthy plant fat and rival any premium full-fat product in the dairy aisle. Based on the success of their popular Cashewmilk and Cashewgurt — America’s fastest growing dairy-free yogurt — Forager Project will introduce an Unsweetened Plain and Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Cashewmilk as well as Coconut Cashewgurt in Berry, Coconut, Lime and Mango flavors. The new full-fat line will begin rolling out on shelves nationwide in mid-July 2018.

The current cultural embrace of full-fat products is a departure from the fat-free orthodoxy of the 1980s. With research now suggesting the health benefits of “good fat,” in particular plant-based fats like those found in cashew and coconut, Americans have begun to embrace the new expert advice: Eat a plant-based, balanced diet that includes healthy fats.

“Full fat is back,” said Forager CEO and founder Stephen Williamson. “We’ve combined cashews and coconut to create rich, creamy, plant-based milk and yogurt that will blow away the full-fat dairy eater.”

The addition of coconut cream to Forager’s cashew-based milk and yogurt creates an indulgent, dairy-free, full flavor experience. Like all Forager Project plant-based milk, Coconut Cashewmilk has no added sugar and is naturally creamy and gum free. Coconut Cashewgurt is high in live active cultures, low in sugar and offers 3 grams of MCTs per serving. Both coconut and cashews provide long-lasting satiety and are free of cholesterol.And unlike animal fat, coconut fat is used immediately by the liver for energy function and overall detoxification.

Plant-based foods are also less resource-intensive on the planet than animal-based foods and leave a much smaller environmental footprint. A plant-based diet saves water and energy, lowers carbon emissions, supports biodiversity and healthy soils, reduces deforestation, and promotes a sustainable future.

“Our goal at Forager is to make it easier to eat organic, plant-based food,” said ForagerProject co-founder John-Charles Hanley. “Animal agriculture is a huge contributor to climate change. The more that people move to a plant-based diet, the better off we’ll be.”

Forager Project’s Full Fat Coconut Cashewmilk and Coconut Cashewgurt are available in stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Safeway, Kroger, and Albertson’s. 48oz bottles of Unsweetened Plain and Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Cashewmilk retail for $5.99. A 4oz single-serve cup of Coconut Cashewgurt is available in Berry, Mango, Lime and Coconut flavors and retails for $1.99.

Forager Project’s plant-based pantry now includes Cashewgurt and Coconut Cashewgurt, Cashewmilk and Coconut Cashewmilk, Drinkable Cashewgurt, Plant Protein Shakes, Probiotic Smoothies, Vegetable Juices, and Pressed Veggie Chips.

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About Forager Project

Seeking Exceptional FoodFounded by Stephen Williamson and his stepson John-Charles Hanley in 2013, ForagerProject is an organic, plant-based, California crafted food and beverage company making exceptionally great tasting yogurts, nut milk, plant protein shakes, probiotic smoothies, vegetable juices and pressed veggie chips using upcycled vegetable fiber. Based in SanFrancisco, Forager Project was founded on the belief that a simple, organic, plant-based diet of nuts, seeds, ancient grains, and vegetables is key to a healthy life. From the beginning, Williamson and Hanley have been committed to creating food made from clean, simple ingredients and with transparent labeling. No gums or fillers are used in our milk, vegetable juices lead with vegetables, and labels reflect what’s inside — no hype, just a philosophy of “letting good food be.” Forager products are always certified organic, dairy-free, sourced from simple ingredients, and free of gluten and GMOs.