Pillars Expands Distribution into Harris Teeter

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Pillars Yogurt has expanded into Harris Teeter supermarkets, which brings Pillars into an entirely new geographic region of the US. The Northeast region of the country has been spoiled with the opportunity to purchase Pillars and now Pillars is excited to share the health with a new region of the US. This drinkable Greek yogurt is the perfect addition to any grocery cart with 100 calories, 18 grams of protein, pre and probiotics, and no added sugar, and it gets better. All the products are both kosher and non-GMO and the dairy in Pillars drinkable Greek yogurt is sourced from grass-fed cows.

The Pillars Yogurt story starts in 2008 when founder, Eric Bonin, reached for a spoon and spilled a cup of Greek yogurt all over himself. The cost of the spill might have been a ruined pair of dress pants but, the reward of the light bulb moment from which Pillars was born was well worth it.

At that time, as the manager of strategic initiatives for another yogurt company, Commonwealth Dairy, Eric thought to himself, “There must be a better way.” Passionate about health and wellness, Eric set out on a mission to create a more convenient, healthier option. The result is Pillars Drinkable Greek Yogurt.

About Pillars Yogurt

Pillars Yogurt is a drinkable Greek yogurt sourced from the best ingredients possible. Our recipe is renowned not just for what’s in it, but also for what’s not in it. We called our yogurt “Pillars” in honor of the pillars of good health. Pillars Yogurt is all-natural and non-GMO. Our products are naturally simple and naturally good, because we believe what’s delicious and what’s good for you should be one and the same. www.PillarsYogurt.com.