SAKA Water Now Available at Stop & Shop

BOSTON — With spring around the corner, Stop and Shop stores in Massachusetts are now selling SAKA Alkaline Natural Spring Water. Found in over 300 locations across Massachusetts, shoppers can now easily access an affordable, natural, alkaline spring water.

SAKA, with a pH level of 8,22, has been naturally enriched with many minerals including calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates and a low level of sodium during it’s hundreds of years natural process of filtering through the thick layers of mineral rock in the remote Keremali Mountains in Turkey. The purity of source, quality of water, and natural mineral contents are officially recognized by the SGS Fresenius Institute and NSF, organizations that help to ensure SAKA complies with all types of regulations.

Sold in packages of six 16.9 (or singular 1.5 liter) BPA free, 100% recyclable bottles, SAKA can help reduce the acidity level in your blood, reduce cholesterol, and support a healthy immune system. These are just a few of the many benefits of consuming alkaline water.

SAKA is currently seeking sponsorship opportunities for events in Massachusetts. SAKA water can also be found on Amazon, in Market Basket, and in specialty stores across the state. If you’d like more information on alkaline water or SAKA as a brand, visit or by email at