WNBA Player Natasha Cloud Endorses Susosu Water

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What You Need To Know About WNBA Sensation Tasha Cloud

Natasha Cloud is an absolute beast in women’s basketball. Drafted into the WNBA in 2015, she has been dominating on the court. Sporting number 9 on her Washington Mystics jersey, she saw 657 minutes of game time as a rookie!

In 2016, Cloud played an average of 24.3 minutes per game, starting in 28 of 31 games played by the Washington Mystics. She averaged the most assists per game on the team, averaging 5.7 points per game.

Last year, she was an essential asset to the team. Throughout the 24 games she played, she helped the team achieve several significant victories.

During their games against Los Angeles and Atlanta (5/19 & 7/19), she hit the season-high with eight assists. As if that wasn’t enough, she scored a season-high against Chicago (6/25), adding 12 points to the scoreboard.

With Natasha Cloud’s help, the Washington Mystics went to the WNBA finals this past season. This was the first time in the franchise’s history too!

Why Is Natasha Cloud Drinking Susosu Hydrogen Water?

As the first athlete to endorse Susosu Water, Natasha Cloud is making some serious strides in educating the public about the benefits of hydrogen water. Susosu Water will be her main drink on and off the court, allowing her to experience these benefits first-hand.

“I drink Susosu Water because it’s a lifestyle not a choice. As a professional athlete I demand so much of my body, that often my body doesn’t have time to recover. Susosu Water is going to give me an opportunity to take my game to the next level. It gives extra hydration, it’s an anti-inflammatory, and it reduces muscle soreness; all things that after a tough WNBA finals game, I need to be able to recover from immediately. Susosu Water is a game changer! We are not just talking about on the court performance, we are talking about my overall health and life performance. Susosu Water will allow me to live a healthy, active, and dope lifestyle.”

The Benefits Of Hydrogen Water

More and more athletes are drinking hydrogen water for its benefits. After learning about the advantages the water can give them, it’s no wonder why athletes are continually seeking out the best hydrogen water available.

For starters, this premium water provides athletes with essential antioxidants. These antioxidants protect their tissues and cells from oxidative damage as they lessen oxygen reactive radicals.

The added energy this water offers helps athletes in and out of the game as well. Our water improves how the body’s organs and cells function. The result is an increase in enzyme activity, adding extra power to the cells.

Lactic acid is every athlete’s worst enemy. And when athletes drink hydrogen water, the lactic acid buildup they’re continually battling during exercise diminishes. The result is a decrease in muscle fatigue following workouts and games.

Stress is common in athletes too. And with the negative impact stress has on aging, any athlete wants to slow down the aging process any way possible. Hydrogen water suppresses reactive oxygen radicals, effectively slowing down the aging process.

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