Clear/Cut Phocus Now Available in New York Through Big Geyser

NEW YORK– Clear/Cut Phocus (Phocus), a first-of-its-kind premium sparkling water containing natural caffeine and L-Theanine, will now be available in select regions of New York including all five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, Westchester and Putnam County through Big Geyser Inc. The expansion into New York increases the existing footprint of Phocus which currently includes Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee. As a pioneer in the budding functional water category, Phocus further diversifies the expanding Big Geyser portfolio with a zero calorie, naturally flavored caffeine solution. Phocus will be available this spring in these additional markets.

“We are always interested in providing best-in-class and better-for-you options to our customers, and we’re thrilled to introduce Phocus to our portfolio,” said Jerry Reda, Big Geyser representative. “Big Geyser is proud to be an early adopter of the functional water category and to able to deliver this unique, enhanced sparkling option to New Yorkers.”

Developed by a pair of health-conscious entrepreneurs seeking an alternative to sugary sodas that would still provide the energy they enjoyed from caffeine, Phocus has rapidly developed a cult following in just over a year since its launch.

“We created Phocus out of a market need for a premium sparkling water that would deliver the energy boost we all want but without all the sugar and ‘bad stuff’ found in traditional sodas and energy drinks,” said Tom O’Grady, CEO of Clear/Cut Phocus. “We’re incredibly proud of the overwhelming response that consumers, media and tastemakers have had to Phocus, and we are thrilled to be teaming up with a force like Big Geyser Inc. to bring this exciting new product to New York City and beyond.”

In addition to providing a natural energy boost, Phocus contains trending super ingredient L-Theanine, a natural amino acid known to reduce anxiety and enhance focus. The caffeine and L-Theanine work together to provide a smooth lift without the “caffeine jitters” one might experience from other caffeinated beverages, sodas or energy drinks currently on shelves. Its unique value proposition within the enhanced water space has helped Phocus gain the attention media and influencers, as well as sparkling water enthusiasts, health-conscious consumers, and any others looking for an alternative to soda.

Phocus comes in four flavors including Grapefruit, Cucumber, Blood Orange and Yuzu & Lime, as well as Natural (an unflavored sparkling water). In addition to New York, Ohio and Tennessee, Phocus is currently available at retail locations in Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Connecticut and online. For more information on Phocus, please visit

About Clear/Cut Phocus

Phocus is a first-of-its-kind naturally energizing sparkling water, containing caffeine derived from a green tea leaves. Purifying water using reverse osmosis, carbon towers and UV light filtration, Phocus has harnessed the best nature has to offer, to create a water that provides unparalleled zero-calorie refreshment. Unlike leading energy drinks and sodas, Phocus contains no calories, no preservatives, no sweeteners and no sodium. Phocus leverages a unique ratio of green tea caffeine and the amino acid L-Theanine, providing a natural energy boost and enhancing concentration while keeping drinkers hydrated and focused.