Cure Hydration Launches Sports Drink Hydration Powder

NEW YORK— Cure Hydration, a new wellness brand focused on clean and effective functional beverages, has announced their launch. Cure’s first product is an all-natural hydration powder that packs four times the electrolytes of leading sports drinks, without the added sugar and artificial ingredients. Made with a base of organic coconut water and pink Himalayan salt, it dissolves in water and is ready to drink within seconds. Cure will launch with three flavors — Wild Thing (Mixed Berry), Main Squeeze (Lemon) and Golden Hour (Ginger Turmeric).

Cure closed a pre-seed round in August 2018 with strategic investors including Andy Roddick, the founder of RXBAR, CEO at Thrive Market and hip-hop artist Nas.

“The market for functional beverages is heating up,” said Andy Roddick, former world number one professional tennis player. “When I first tried Cure, I was blown away. The product flat out works. It helps me recover from training and stay hydrated while I travel.”

Lauren Picasso, former director of marketing at and Harvard Business School alum, had the idea for Cure while training for a triathlon. “I would come back from long runs and feel totally depleted and nauseated no matter how much water I drank. The problem is you need electrolytes to recover from that level of physical exertion, but I couldn’t find a product that wasn’t loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients.” Determined to find a solution, Picasso set out to create a product that “could hydrate as effectively as Pedialyte, but with better-tasting, organic ingredients, and none of the junk.”

It is a common misconception that a person needs 8 glasses of water a day to reach ideal hydration, but Dr. Dana Cohen, author of Quench and integrative medicine specialist said, “the reality is that water on its own isn’t enough to hydrate sufficiently — especially if you have an active lifestyle. Electrolytes, especially sodium, get depleted when we sweat, and when we don’t replenish them, we end up feeling fatigued both physically and mentally.”

Cure’s formula is based on Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS), originally developed by the World Health Organization to treat severely dehydrated patients across the globe. Each pack of Cure contains the precise balance of glucose and electrolytes specified by the WHO to enable optimal hydration for athletes, travelers and anyone looking to improve their health.

“Our formula is based on over 50 years of research on ORS — which has been shown to hydrate as effectively as an IV drip,” said Alex Sarkissian, co-founder and head of growth at Cure. “We found a way to achieve the ORS formula with natural ingredients.” Cure derives its glucose and potassium naturally from organic coconut water, and compared to most sports drinks does not add any additional sugars or artificial sweeteners like sucralose. “Cure is unlike every other sports drink and hydration product on the market in that we don’t sacrifice ingredient quality in order to achieve effectiveness,” said Sarkissian.

Cure is on a mission to end global dehydration. In partnership with Pact, a non-profit that focuses on public health and economic development in marginalized communities, a portion of all Cure sales will go directly toward humanitarian aid around the world. “Our mission is to empower others to achieve the full potential of body, mind and spirit through natural, clean and effective products,” said Picasso. “That’s why we’re proud to partner with Pact, a non-profit that’s directly engaged in helping to ensure that all people throughout the world are able to live healthy, thriving lives.”

Cure will be available for purchase directly through the company’s website ( and other major e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon.

What’s next for Cure? The brand has plans to expand into brick and mortar by the end of the year and will roll out additional functional beverages across new categories. “Hydration is just the beginning,” said Picasso.

About Cure Hydration

Cure Hydration is a natural electrolyte powder based on the standards for Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) – each pack contains 4x the electrolytes of leading sports drink, but has no added sugar or artificial ingredients. For more information about Cure, visit or follow @curehydration on Instagram and Facebook.