GuS Soda Introduces 30-Calorie Ginger Ales

NEW YORK– Utmost Brands, Inc., maker of all-natural GuS Sodas introduced a new line of superior tasting, 30-calorie ginger ales at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York. Available in 12 oz. slim cans, the new line features three flavors: Original Dry Ginger Ale, Peach Ginger Ale, and Raspberry Ginger Ale.

Made with real ginger root, the new flavors are bold and spicy with the dry taste profile of their original Dry Ginger Ale in glass bottles. The big news is the all-natural sweetening system – a blend of monk fruit, stevia and a touch of cane sugar that delivers a superior taste. With only 30 calories and 6gm of sugar per 12oz. can, they offer 80% fewer calories than traditional ginger ales.

The new can line rolls out nationally with new and existing beverage and specialty food distributors. Consumers will find GuS 30-calorie Ginger Ale cans in specialty and natural grocery stores, convenience stores, cafes, and fast casual restaurants. Said company owner Steve Hersh, “With consumers rapidly moving toward low and no calorie sparkling beverages, we felt the time was right to offer a great-tasting, minimal sugar line of our own. Our new line features the great GuS Dry Ginger Ale taste that people love, but now with only 6gm of sugar and 30 calories per can.”

GuS Ginger Ale 30 will retail for $2.25 per 12 oz. can. The can line joins the existing line of GuS Sodas available in 12 oz. glass bottles: Dry Ginger Ale, Meyer Lemon, Ruby Grapefruit, Valencia Orange, Cranberry Lime, Pomegranate, Blackberry, Cola, and Root Beer, in addition to the 7oz. sparkling mixer line: Moscow Mule, Mojito, Sparkling Cosmo, and Tonic & Lime. As with all the GuS flavors, the new line contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and is kosher, gluten-free and non-GMO.

About GuS

Founded in 2003, GuS was what the husband-and-wife founders were looking for in a beverage; something not as sweet as typical sodas and juice drinks. Taking inspiration from his father, who added seltzer to everything, Steve Hersh (formerly a packaged goods marketer) and Jeannette Luoh (formerly a lawyer) crafted a line of sodas containing real juices and natural extracts in distinctively dry flavors. GuS – Grown-up Soda is a product of Utmost Brands, Inc., New York, NY.  More information at drinkgus.com, IM/FB: GrownupSoda, Twitter.com/GuS_Soda