Station Introduces Cascara Sparkling Iced Teas

TORONTO— Station, best known for its lineup of canned Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, has expanded outside of RTD coffee with a line of Cascara Sparkling Iced Teas.

Cascara (Spanish or “Husk, Peel or Skin”) is the dried skin of the coffee fruit. These skins are collected and dried in the sun to produce a tea-like texture. This bi-product of the coffee bean has for centuries, been additional agricultural waste by either being composted or tossed to livestock after harvest. It’s loaded with antioxidants and holds slightly sweet floral tea-like notes. Station is bringing innovation to the Iced Tea category by using this as the base for their line of Sparkling Teas. The move into Iced Tea allows them to diversify their product offerings while continuing to focus on functional, better-for-you beverages.

Our Brewmaster Mike Roy brought me Cascara a few years ago as something to keep an eye on. Once I really started to dive into it, it just made too much sense to ignore,” said Mitchell Stern, Co-Founder & VP Sales & Marketing for Station. “All of the pieces just fit. We’re able to utilize the same supply chain, continue to support farmers, advance our commitment as a business to sustainability and enter into a new category that is waiting for something new & exciting.”

Station is a proudly Canadian beverage manufacturer who, since 2014 has been on a mission to offer Canadians beverage options that don’t sacrifice quality for convenience or flavour for function. Station is heavily focused on expert craftsmanship using only responsibly sourced, high-quality ingredients. “When we made the decision to transition from being a cold brew coffee company to a craft beverage company, we wanted to make sure it made sense for the brand. We’re excited that Cascara is the perfect vehicle to evolve the brand,” said Stern.

These carbonated Iced Teas are full of antioxidants and have more potassium per can than a banana. With about 50-60mg of caffeine per can, they also continue to serve the customer looking for all-natural energy. They’ll be rolling out to retailers throughout the end of the year and into early 2020.

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