Cocoa Metro Announces Launch of Belgian Chocolate Instant Drink Mix

St. George, Utah – Cocoa Metro takes on the global food giant with the announcement of an instant Belgian chocolate drink mix. Cocoa Metro’s newest product release is more chocolatey than the competing Nesquik powder, has less sugar, and avoids all the additives. Cocoa Metro’s powder has a total of four ingredients versus Nesquik’s 15. Unlike the company’s existing Belgian hot chocolate drink mix, this new instant Belgian chocolate powder stirs easily into cold milk or any of the widely marketed milk alternatives.

The Hoosiers of chocolate companies, Cocoa Metro looks to expand their reach to consumers with a product that is not tied to a single milk or milk alternative. The last few years have seen the birth of dozens of new plant-based milk options with several brands offering chocolate versions. In order to appeal to consumers that steer clear of their Belgian chocolate milk because of its dairy base, Cocoa Metro has uncovered a wide opening in the instant beverage space. Until now there have only been a couple options for chocolate-based instant drink mixes on the shelf, but that changes with the release of their new Belgian chocolate version.

Sales will initially be direct to consumer from their website, but expect retailers to pick up the item in the near future. Cocoa Metro’s instant chocolate drink mix will join their current flagship item, a ready-to-drink Belgian chocolate milk sold in dairy coolers of retailers like Whole Foods Market and other natural channel retailers. The new product will go live on their site in April of 2020.

Mike Dunford is CEO and co-founder of Cocoa Metro, although his email signature reads “Chief Chocolate Drinker.” Dunford grew up drinking copious amounts of Nestle’s sweet chocolate powder and attributes his current career as Chief Chocolate Drinker to his early addiction to the chocolatey beverage. He claims he grew up on “that stuff”, but now he’s looking to satisfy a more adult perspective. “When I was a kid the sweet stuff was enough for me to be satisfied. Now I look for more interest in what I eat and drink. I try to take a little more time to enjoy the experience. This Belgian chocolate mix is all about the great depth of flavors that are only found in really well-crafted chocolate.”

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