Ethan’s Packaging Rebrand Puts the Focus on Function

BOULDER, Colo.— Continuing to evolve the brand and strengthen their customer connections, Ethan’s, the functional shot company, has announced the rebranding of their line of wellness shots, putting function at the forefront of their packaging. Customers can expect to see the new designs in stores now and on the Ethan’s website within the next few weeks.

“At Ethan’s, we keep a very open dialogue with our customers so when we learned that they were looking for more clarification on the function and occasion for each of our shots, we knew it was time to make some changes in our packaging,” said Ethan Hirshberg, Founder of Ethan’s. The new packaging, which will be seen on the ACV, MCT and Fire Shots, will explicitly state the function for each – Daily Detox for ACV, Fast Fuel for MCT and Immune Boost for the Fire Shots – as well as each shots key ingredients.

Along with this new focus on function, Ethan’s has changed the color of each bottle to reflect the shots’ unique flavors and primary ingredients. According to Ethan, “Not only does this new packaging answer the question of function and occasion for each line, but we feel that it exudes more of the creative, fun and wholesome personality that the Ethan’s brand embodies.”

In addition to their commitment to improving the customer experience, Ethan’s is also devoted to making strides towards a more sustainable future, thus they’ve chosen to switch their plastic caps to aluminum. Doing so, the company will save nearly 10,000 pounds of plastic per year from just the cap alone. As the brand and product line continues to evolve, Ethan’s is committed to finding new ways to make their products and their packaging as sustainable as possible.

With the introduction of this new function-first product packaging, Ethan’s hopes to not only improve the shopping experience for existing customers, but also educate new customers on how to best enjoy Ethan’s products. The new packaging will be reflected on all new and existing Ethan’s product lines moving forward.

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About Ethan’s

Ethan’s is a functional shot company focused on creating easy, on-the-go health solutions for a wide range of people and lifestyles. Our products are one small, positive addition to your days. They’re safe: our shots use glass packaging to avoid chemical leaching that typically occurs in plastic products. They’re organic: all of our ingredients are produced by USDA-certified organic farms. They’re optimal: each shot contains the functional dose of the primary ingredient. They’re delicious. And they’re made for you.

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