Kombucha Town Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

BELLINGHAM, Wash.– Local Microbrewery Kombucha Town is currently running a community equity crowdfunding campaign, giving investors the opportunity to make a healthy return on their investment, improve the health of their community and restore the environment. Six weeks in, the Start Engine campaign has reached a huge milestone of 100 investors and $80,000 invested.

Since its approval in 2015 under Title III of the Jobs Act, crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular way for small businesses to grow through the support of their customers. Kombucha Town hopes to do its part in closing the wealth gap by offering ownership shares to more than just the 1 percent.

Along with shares of equity in the form of C-notes, Kombucha Town’s crowdfunding incentives include product, gear, and tree planting as part of their collaboration with One Tree Planted. As of September 2020, Kombucha Town has planted about 3,200 trees for more than 15 acres of reforested land.

Kombucha Town is opening up to a community-owned business model, enabling the public to support their Fair Trade, Non GMO, Organic certified, and ‘1% to the Planet’ initiatives. The funds generated in Kombucha Town’s campaign will be used to launch a new line of Live
SeltzerTM. A refreshing seltzer water infused with kombucha cultures and delicious hero ingredients. This innovative product is ready to stock coolers everywhere, as a healthier alternative to La Croix or White Claw.

Kombucha and seltzers have been two of the top trending drinks over the last several years. This exciting new innovation helps boost immunity, when personal health is more important than ever. Across retail spaces, the kombucha category is projected to continue a bold growth of 17.5% over the next 5 years (Mordor Intelligence). Functional beverages as a whole predicted to grow by 8.66% between 2019 and
2024 (Cision PR Newswire).

Kombucha Town has been innovating in the live beverage industry since 2011, providing accessible, functional beverages while supporting social justice and environmental causes through sustainable practices like regenerative agriculture.

To date, they’ve sold more than one million units of kombucha in recyclable cans that keep plastic and glass bottles out of landfills. They have also expanded their distribution from their home in the Pacific Northwest to stores across the United States.

“Beyond growing and scaling the business, we are also excited to give our loyal customers and the community the chance to partake and profit from this promising opportunity,” said Chris McCoy, founder of Kombucha Town.

Despite the harsh business climate caused by Covid, Kombucha Town will continue towards their goal of selling healthy, affordable products everywhere, from neighborhood markets to convenience stores. Making function beverages accessible to everyone.

Invest in a better world and grow with Kombucha Town at www.kombuchatown.com.

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