Brew Dr. Introduces Limited-Release Pineapple Guava Kombucha

Brew Dr. brings a taste of blue skies and sunshine to the market this winter with their new limited-release flavor, Pineapple Guava. The recipe of ripe pineapple, sweet guava, tart passionfruit, and subtle green tea makes a bright, delicious kombucha.

This isn’t the company’s first time launching a seasonally unconventional flavor. Founder Matt Thomas commented, “Last year we launched our Watermelon kombucha in the dead of winter because we thought people might enjoy something reminiscent of warmer days, and people absolutely loved it. This year we’re excited to transport folks’ tastebuds to the tropics with one of my favorite flavors yet.”

The bottle stands out with colorful artwork illustrating the ingredients. This design was created by artist Emily Carpenter-Munroe, founder of SaintJawn, an agency in Portland, Oregon focused on creating space for black art and design. This is a continuation of Brew Dr.’s program of collaborating with local artists for its limited release flavors.

“We love partnering with local artists, and consider ourselves lucky to be able to do so,” Thomas says. “From the flavor to the design, we hope everything about our Pineapple Guava will brighten the day of those who drink it.”

Pineapple Guava kombucha is available in 14 oz. bottles nationwide. Search for it near you at

About Brew Dr.

Brew Dr. Kombucha creates organic raw kombucha at its finest. In 2008, Matt Thomas began brewing kombucha in the kitchen of his teahouse in Portland, Oregon. From leaf to bottle, the company takes inspiration from their rich heritage in tea, making deliciously refreshing authentic kombucha with a difference you can taste.

Brew Dr.’s is helping people discover how good kombucha can be, referring not only to its quality approach, but to the company’s commitment to its communities, its people, and the planet. Brew Dr. Kombucha is proud to be the first national kombucha company to become both carbon neutral and a certified B-corporation.

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