The Future of Nicotine Alternatives, Krave Kicker, Announces Commercial Launch

It’s official. The trademarked, proprietary blend is now a commercial formula. Krave Kicker is a unique product with a functional name that’s about to take the nicotine alternative world by storm. This cutting-edge, innovative invention fulfills a major market niche/need for a clean nicotine alternative.

Krave Kicker has partnered with Power Brands, award-winning beverage consultants and producers (FITAID and LIFEAID).

This crafty, organic beverage is first in class – the first truly natural nicotine alternative, and first in a beverage, with two amazing flavors. Krave Kicker packs a potent punch that smokers crave.

For several decades now, the nicotine gum and patch have dominated this market, but at the cost of continued nicotine addiction, a chemical-tasting gum (from the nicotine), and nauseating patches.

Krave Kicker is proven effective and is backed by clinical studies of its key functional ingredients, as published in the British Medical Journal and by National Institutes of Health.

With functional beverages on the rise at a steady growth rate of about 15% per year, and an increasing demand for cleaner products, Krave Kicker looks to disrupt two massive, thriving markets. In fact, the nicotine patch market is currently worth $6 billion, and the nicotine gum $5 billion. These ‘loyal’ consumers would love a cleaner product (clean and organic) that boosts dopamine naturally and zeroes out cravings for hours.

Krave Kicker was market tested, including a sold-out, nation-wide 10,000 bottle pilot run, with glowing reviews. Unlike the competition, the “Natural Nicotine Alternative” delivers great taste, no nausea, no side effects, no chemicals, no drugs, nothing artificial, and no addictive qualities. Plus, the pricing is very competitive with the nicotine patch and nicotine gum.

A twelve pack of 2.5 ounce “shots” of Krave Kicker runs $48 retail on line, where a week’s supply of the patch or gum can run you the same or more, and that’s when they’re on sale.

The founders of Krave Kicker spared no expense with this product and made it an easy, sensible choice. It’s nicotine-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, affordable, convenient, and discreet for smokers, or for people who vape. Krave Kicker is made with high quality superfoods and supplements combined with great flavors designed by the best in the business.

This product is a true market disruptor. This emerging brand appeals to adults, men and women of any age, and can be used to cut back, substitute for, or quit nicotine use entirely.

Here’s more about the Krave Kicker team and their strong partnerships for the commercial design, production, promotion, and distribution, including:

1. Award-winning beverage consultants Power Brands for brand design, bottle design, and website design, also flavor and potency formulation, bottling at FDA-approved facility, preparing 12-packs of the 2.5 oz “shot” bottles.

2. i-Heart Media for radio ads, commercial launch beginning in Los Angeles

3. Flow Space – a digital infrastructure for powering ecommerce with top notch logistics, fulfillment, national distribution (hubs in every major US city)

Krave Kicker was founded by a twice-published health author and smoking cessation expert, Sean David Cohen, who realized several years ago that there were no natural nicotine-free alternatives on the market, so why not create one as a convenient and tasty liquid “shot!”

Big Question: How does Krave Kicker Work? Answer: The main reason smokers relapse when they are trying to quit is due to low dopamine levels. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter and chemical messenger that plays a vital role in how we feel pleasure. Krave Kicker is a potent vitamin and superfood blend that naturally and effectively boosts your dopamine levels. Problem solved.

Krave Kicker is available now (for US-based customers) online only at

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