Kombucha Network Launches New Website

Sept. 29, Austin TX: Kombucha has become increasingly popular as consumers seek healthy beverage alternatives.  According to recent market research, the kombucha market is expected to surpass $4 billion by 2024, and the fermented beverage, once found only at farmers markets and health food stores, now is available in grocery stores as well as restaurants, bars and breweries.

As part of the growth in the market, Kombucha Network has recently launched its website, www.kombuchanetwork.com. Kombucha Network intends to highlight a free, comprehensive directory of brewers to help consumers connect with the growing numbers of producers — and find out where to buy their favorites and learn more the people behind this trend.

Kombucha Network Aims to be the Ultimate Resource for Brewers and Consumers

Kombucha draws attention to a beverage for people that want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while stepping away from high-sugar sodas and drinks.

The mission of the Kombucha Network is to spread the word about kombucha and become evangelists about all things kombucha. The content on the website, with its inclusive directory and diverse content, is free of charge. In addition, there will be a periodic newsletter that captures some of the content from the website with additional goodies, such as recipes and videos.

Content will include:

  • Features: focusing on a particular brewer and his/her unique story
  • What is new/interesting: highlighting a new product or production idea, trends, consumption data if available
  • Recipes: for traditional uses (beverages, cooking) to non-traditional (household, garden), products created from reuse of SCOBYs
  • Education/availability: any unusual approach to marketing communications and strategies for getting products to consumers

Allen Weiner, a former media analyst and journalist is co-founder of the Kombucha Network. “My experience in working with media companies around the globe, along with a love of emerging healthy food trends, drives my passion for this new opportunity,” he said.

Co-founders Allen and Kathy have a passion about kombucha and have been home-brewers for several years after discovering its beneficial health properties. Kathy added, “Our brewing mistakes have made us curious and appreciative of the commercially-available products that we have tasted. We would love to taste our way around the world and try the many unique offerings we have discovered in compiling this directory.