The Flow: Fortitech answers you; early registration ends Thur


  • Fortitech joined forces with to create a resource for companies interested in fortification. Located on the homepage, “Ask The Expert” enables manufacturers to ask questions about beverage fortification and receive a tailored response, delivered either publically or by email. Link
  • BevNET Live: Early Registration Ends Thursday; Space Filling Up Link
  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. announced the team that will implement the integration of bottler Coca-Cola Enterprises with Coca-Cola in North America. The team will report to Brian Kelley, and includes executives who have managed Olympic projects in Vancouver, bottling in Canada, the Minute Maid juice business, sales, public relations, human resources in Brazil and supply chain operations, among other functions. Link


  • Kraft Foods is launching Crystal Light Pure Fitness sweetened with stevia. Link
  • Austin Creative Water announced that their custom bottled water now comes in oxo-biodegradable plastic bottles that will decompose in less than 10 years. Link
  • Frontier Beverage announced the launch of its Unwind Relaxation Aide Link


  • Earth Fare will expand their selection of Hydro One‘s products to include BODE, a line of five functional beverages. Link


  • Heidi Piper Schultz, owner of Pepsi distributor Corwin Beverage in Ridgefield, Wash. traveled to Olympia with 20 employees to lobby against a new soda tax. Link
  • Washington’s proposed beverage tax passed the state House with a 52-44 vote, with zero Republican votes in favor. Link


  • Dr Pepper will support the launch of Iron Man 2 with special promotional cans of Dr Pepper. Link The brand also launched a new commercial co-promoting Dr Pepper and the movie. Link
  • Maine Root will provide refreshments for the next Portland Greendrinks event fundraiser on April 13th
  • Players from the 1999 Detroit Catholic Central Shamrocks and Trenton Trojans high school hockey teams will take the ice as a part of REPLAY, Fueled by Gatorade. The game will be played at Compuware Arena in Plymouth, Mich. Link
  • Tennis player Andy Roddick signed on as the main spokesman for a new sports beverage called Aqiss. Link
  • RelaxZen announced it will hand out free samples of RelaxZen DAY formula at the James A Farley Post Office on 8th Avenue beginning at 11:30 AM on April 15 and join the Tax Day Tea Party rally through the evening. Link


  • According to a new survey by Nestlé Pure Life bottled water, Americans realize that consumption of sugared drinks contributes to their daily caloric intake. Link
  • Nearly three in four U.S. consumers plan to spend the same or less on non-alcoholic beverages for at least 12 months, according to a new study by global business advisory firm AlixPartners LLP. Link


  • Jim Folsom took 17 attempts to get the right taste for Cran-175, one of six flavors of Blutonium, reports The (Illinois) Telegraph. Link
  • The success of Gatorade‘s G campaign is closely tied to the future of Massimo D’Amore’s career at PepsiCo, reported Advertising Age. Link
  • Bill Meissner, who took over as CEO of Jones Soda, “sounds a lot like former CEO Stephen Jones,” reported the Seattle Times. Link
  • A shopper in Baltimore said a proposed four-cent per bottle beverage tax there “will impact me enough to travel one extra or two extra miles to Baltimore County and buy my sodas,” Baltimore’s ABC2 news reported. Link


  • Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. will issue its first quarter 2010 financial results on May 6 before the market opens. Larry Young, DPS president and CEO, and Marty Ellen, Executive Vice President, will discuss the results during an earnings conference call for financial analysts and investors at 10 a.m. CDT that day. The conference call and slide presentation will be accessible live through the DPS website at


  • Unionized workers at Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.’s warehouse in Redlands, Cali. took to the streets to put pressure on the company during negotiations for a new contract. Link


  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. increased its stake in U.K. smoothie maker Innocent Drinks to 58 percent, gaining majority ownership of the brand. Link
  • The Coca Cola Co., Inc. said it will invest more than $150,000 toward the lifelong well-being of panda twins it adopted at a Chinese research facility. Link


  • Lifeway Foods‘ Kefir has been called the “best dairy-based smoothie” in a blind taste-test performed by the May 2010 issue of Consumer Reports. Link


  • J. Bruce Llewellyn, who in 1985 assembled a group of black partners to buy a majority share in Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company, died last week at his home in Manhattan. He was 82. Link


  • Tropicana brought sun to the arctic circle in January to promote the brand in Canada. Link
  • Americans want apples to be the next superfruit, according to and The Lempert Report. Link
  • In an odd quirk demonstrating just how far Red Bull has come as a brand, the company’s New York Red Bulls soccer team accepted a sponsorship from Continental Airlines. Link
  • Here’s a unique promo: The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. equiped a bus shelter with a refrigerator. Link