Review: Deep Rose

Posted: Mar 17, 2019 at 4:07 PM (Last Updated: Mar 18, 2019 at 10:43 AM)

Covers Products: Premium Rose Lemonade

Deep Rose is a new rose lemonade beverage that markets itself as an antioxidant rich premium beverage with 50 calories per 10 oz. bottle.

This product features 5 percent lemon juice, rose extract and flavoring, and a sweetener blend of sugar, stevia, and monk fruit. It also contains green coffee extract, but the label doesn’t disclose any caffeine content.

We think Deep Rose has succeeded in creating a nice tasting bottle of rose flavored lemonade The three sweetener blend works quite well, both in terms of keeping the carbs and sugar (10 g) under control and giving the product a flavor that tastes spot-on. Even the amount of rose flavor in the drink seems to be where it needs to be.

The choice of packaging is where we start to have questions about this product. First, Deep Rose has chosen a 10 oz. glass bottle that’s used almost exclusively for carbonated beverages (or mixers, more specifically). From there, it uses a shrink sleeve label with a transparent pink background and black lettering. While it has a clean look to it, it doesn’t really look the part of a lemonade, which, whether that’s what they are going for or not, might create some confusion. Furthermore, at 10 oz. it is extremely small compared to the rest of the category.

While these issues can probably be overcome with time and/or marketing, we think that a more pressing concern will be figuring out a strategy for additional SKUs. We think Deep Rose will have a tough go at it with just this single product, as rose flavored lemonade is not a category with surging demand.

Overall, Deep Rose is a nice single SKU product, but we’d like what the brand has created a lot more if there were some other flavors alongside it.

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