Bluegrass Hospitality Group Select 50 Barrels of Woodford Reserve Private Select Bourbon

Lexington, KY (September 27, 2017) — Lexington-based Bluegrass Hospitality Group (BHG) has become the first account in the world to pick fifty private selection barrels of bourbon from Woodford Reserve. The first private barrel selection took place in 2006 and the fiftieth was selected on June 30, 2017. BHG is the first Woodford Reserve account in the world to reach this milestone. The account next closest to BHG has selected 18 barrels, with a 19th pick scheduled.

“The thing I love most about bourbon is that no barrel is alike,” says BHG Beverage Support Manager Michael Harper. “I have always said that every barrel is like a thumb print or a snowflake with a little booze involved. If you’re looking to find one specific barrel, identical to another, good luck. That’s what actually intrigues me about our program, however. I’m so excited to crack open a barrel every pick to try the next new flavor, expression, or mouth feel I’ve never experienced before.”

Offering more than 400 types of whiskey across their six unique restaurant concepts, BHG has proven that their passion extends beyond their diverse food menus. The private barrel program sets the restaurant group apart, and is one that they love sharing with guests. Overall, 105 private selection barrels have been selected at multiple distilleries across the region.

Each selection consists of team members of BHG traveling to the distillery for a private tour and tasting session. Harper shares, “Our selections are picked with care, crafting a spirit that exudes our love for that little bit of history in our glass. [We] travel to distilleries, hand-selecting and crafting bourbons to be sold exclusively in our restaurants.”

The exclusive 50th selection will be available starting on Friday, September 22, 2017 at all BHG restaurants in Kentucky including Malone’s Steakhouse, Harry’s American Bar & Grill, Drake’s and OBC Kitchen.

About Bluegrass Hospitality Group

Bluegrass Hospitality Group, founded in 1998, owns and operates six original restaurant concepts: Malone’s Steakhouse, Malone’s Prime Events & Receptions, Harry’s American Bar & Grill, Drake’s, Aqua Sushi and OBC Kitchen. Restaurants are located in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Indiana and employ over 1300 team members.