Koloa Rum Debuts Koloa Kaua’i Reserve Five-Year Aged Hawaiian Rum

Hawai’i’s award-winning Koloa Rum Company announces the launch of the brand’s third aged rum release with the debut of its single-barrel Koloa Kaua’i Reserve Five-Year Aged Hawaiian Rum.

Bottled at cask strength, Koloa Kaua’i Reserve Five-Year Aged Hawaiian Rum is artfully distilled and gently aged in charred American white oak barrels at its Kalaheo Distillery. The remarkable flavor, color and aroma of each batch is a reflection of time, temperature and humidity imparted over the course of the aging process.

“We released our first aged rum in 2018 following more than five years of research and experimentation to develop the protocols necessary to properly age rum in Hawai’i’s tropical environment,” said Koloa Rum President and CEO Bob Gunter. “As Koloa Rum Company comes of age, so does our rum! Our Reserve Aged releases have quickly become some of our most sought after and coveted offerings, and this extraordinary five-year aged variation is no exception.”

The barrel-aging process imparts a deep amber color with fragrant notes of cinnamon, orange, roasted almond and charred oak on the nose. The rum is remarkably smooth on the palate with subtle sweetness from the pure sugarcane offering flavors of toasted vanilla, orange zest, brown butter and honey that linger through the long, warm finish.

The initial release consists of five individual barrels that have been aged for a minimum of five years. Each single-barrel batch yields approximately 210 bottles, which are carefully inspected and numbered to ensure quality. Bottled at cask-strength, from 110-124 proof depending on the barrel, Koloa Kaua’i Reserve Five-Year Aged Hawaiian Rum is available for an MSRP of $99.95. Additional barrels are scheduled to be released in April 2021.

Koloa Rum Company was founded to create superior Hawaiian rum and ready-to-drink cocktails using locally sourced ingredients. In doing so, Koloa Rum provides quality employment opportunities for the community of Kaua`i and meaningful support to the local agricultural industry by increasing cultivated acreage and preserving open space.

About Koloa Rum Company

Established in 2009, Koloa Rum Company produces artisanal, single-batch Hawaiian rum and ready-to-drink cocktails at its distillery in Kalaheo, Kaua’i and operates Hawai’i’s first distilled spirits Tasting Room and Company Store. The company’s award-winning portfolio includes its premium Kaua’i White, Gold, Dark, Spice, Coconut, Coffee, Cacao and Aged rums, in addition to a collection of delicious ready-to-drink cocktails. Products are available for purchase online, at select retailers nationwide, as well as in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Japan.

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