Bottled water slides vs. straw

The International Bottled Water Association borrowed a stunt from the exciting world of CSPAN this week, issuing a skin-tingling slide show to make you feel better about consuming bottled water.…

Dr Pepper's formula fracas

It’s not the third gunman on the grassy knoll, but this week’s dispute over a yellowed ledger with a formula marked “D Pepper Pepsin Bitters” may leave us with a mystery that can, sadly, only be resolved by opening a vault that’s likely to remain shut.

Some logic behind Pepsi's new logo

Apparently, the gravitational pull of the sun, the Mona Lisa, the exponential growth of the universe, Earth’s magnetic field and Pepsi’s new logos all have something in common – at least if you believe the design agency that created it.

Red Bull Cola's special buzz?

Red Bull has made it no secret that it includes coca leaves – the botanical origin of the drug cocaine – in the beverage’s all-natural formulation, but insists that there’s…

Flavor company sweetens New York

Companies connected to the beverage industry have been accused of bringing all kinds of ills on the U.S. populace – diabetes, heart attacks, New Coke – but flavor company Frutarom has now been accused of the dastardly deed of bringing sweetness to the Big Apple.

PureSport's promotional coup

PureSport, a powdered sports drink brand, launched in a Sports Authority in Chicago last week, and they brought their new spokesman: Michael Phelps. More than 1500 fans turned out to…