Ski Citrus Soda

by Double-Cola Co.

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Ski Citrus Soda

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Ski Citrus Soda, Real Fruit. Real Flavor. Ski is a unique citrus soda made with real lemon and orange juices. Since its creation in 1956, Ski has grown widely and developed a loyal following. Ski's distinctly different citrus taste is attributed to the perfect combination of real fruit juices, caffeine, and smooth body. Ski is the most often described as having the ultimate "ah" factor when quenching your thirst. Ski competes exceptionally well with other leading brands in the citrus category, and it is often the most preferred product in its market. The Ski family of brands includes Ski, Diet Ski, Ski InfraRED, Caffeine Free Ski, and Caffeine Free Diet Ski. For more information, please visit

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Ski Citrus Soda is one of those classic sodas that we could just keep drinking and drinking. It's sw...

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