Pepsi takes shot at Vitaminwater calories

Now that Glaceau is officially part of the Coca-Cola Company, Pepsi has taken its first shot at the popular brand of vitamin enhanced waters with a new TV commercial spot:

The commercial goes direct for Glaceau’s jugular, pointing out that the “enhanced” product has 100+ calories per bottle, which would require an “extra 492 sit-ups” to burn off.    The solution?  Propel, which has only 25 calories.

It’s interesting to see that Pepsi has wasted little time before going after Coke’s expensive new baby, especially given the amount of money that they’re spending plugging SoBe Lifewater (including the Superbowl XLII “SoBe Lifewater” halftime show), which also has 100+ calories per bottle.  Plus, one could certainly question Propel’s artificially sweetened formulation vs. that of Vitaminwater.  Lastly, it seems like dangerous territory for a company that sells countless other high calorie products — but we’ll just forget about that for now.

Perhaps this is the dawn of a new generation of “cola wars”?