Letter to the Editor, The Colombus Dispatch

“I respond to Clarence Page’s Sept. 16 Forum column “Hip-hop drink good reason to energize some deep concerns.” Page wrote about how black community organizations are upset over the introduction of rapper Nelly’s new energy drink called Pimp Juice.

Out-of-wedlock births and child-abandonment cases are soaring, and Page noted that rap music and other media often are blamed for irresponsible sex and the breakdown of parenthood.

I agree that an energy drink called Pimp Juice is somewhat absurd, but I don’t believe that an “anti-pimp” campaign or boycotting stores carrying the drink is warranted. Other issues are more important to the black community: drug abuse, mental illness, homelessness and black-on-black crime. If these organizations want to help the black community, they should start here. ”

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1 October 2003
The Columbus Dispatch
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As Page suggested, parents and others need to offer young people healthier messages and better role models. In addition, they must realize that we live in a culture where rap artists rap about pimping and unmarried girls get pregnant. Our role as parents is to instill in our children our values and hope they use them to make good choices.