From Sundance to Super bowl- Nelly’s Pimp Juice is “Pimp’n” the Hottest Parties

Only four months in production, the most talked about energy beverage is making major impact on the party scene! From Sundance to Super bowl, Pimp Juice is carving its niche in the beverage market. Opening the Sundance Film Festival with the Blender Sessions festivities that included a performance by Murphy Lee and the St. Lunatics and an impromptu performance by Lance Bass is just the beginning!

Just as its Chairman, Super Star Hip Hop Artist- Nelly, shot up the charts of music success, Pimp Juice is reaching success benchmarks within the beverage industry! In its breakthrough quarter, Pimp Juice has sold a million units and has been awarded the peoples choice of best energy drink in the respected industry trade- BevNet, as well as being Vibe Magazine’s best energy drink.

But what about that name?? Just like his popular hit of the same name, the explanation is in the lyrics- “Pimp Juice is anything, attract the opposite sex; It could be money, fame or straight intellect; You find it works on all colors, creeds and kinds; From ages 50 right down to 9.” Pimp Juice is your “edge” your “it” or what ever it is that allows you to exploit your own talents.

The bright green 8.0 ounce drink consists of 10% apple juice, with 100% vitamin C , B6, B12, riboflavin, niacin, and panothenic acid. It is non-carbonated with a sweet, yet tart flavor, a sweet sour apple flavor.

Adding to its successes, Pimp Juice secured a relationship with Musicland and Tower Records to sell the beverage at retail outlets across the country. Showing no sign of slowing down, Pimp Juice proudly announces its online availability. Fillmore Street Brewery’s Co-President, William Wooten says, “The demand was growing so rapidly from the fans, that we needed to create a system of placing the product into their hands immediately. The internet allows us to pass on value directly to the consumer without a middleman while delivering the product to their home or work.”

Their grass roots marketing strategy of taking it to the streets is a simple but effective plan. They take the product to where their consumer is; the clubs, the music stores, the convenience stores, the parties and anywhere hot!

Heading to Super bowl week, Pimp Juice is participating in six nights of non-stop events!

Thurs Jan. 29th
Marshall Faulk Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament

Hush Night Club

Fri Jan. 30th
The Social Club and M Bar

Sat Jan. 31th
Celebrity Custom Car Show

Hurricane Hut

Sun Feb. 1st

Nelly performance at the Super Bowl

Murphy Lee Concert-610 Arena Theatre
After Super Bowl

Mon Feb 2nd

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