Skae Beverage International, LLC Introduces a Unique 100% Natural Line of Beverages.

Orangeburg, NY, January 2004- Skae Beverage International, a leading beverage marketing and sales organization, announced the launch of a new full line of natural beverages. New Leaf beverages are a 100% all natural product line that will be available in six incredible flavors, Green Tea with Ginseng, Green Tea with Plum, White Tea with Honey Dew, White Tea with Ginseng and Honey, White Tea with Grapefruit, and White Tea with Ginger.

@@img1 “When looking at today’s available beverages we have found that consumers are offered many high calorie products using high fructose corn syrup or low calorie products that has little taste and flavor or simply doesn’t taste good at all. We have found the solution by developing a product line that is lower in calories using a more natural sweetener,” says Skae Beverage International, LLC founder Eric Skae. “We offer a unique blend of all natural green and white teas that have great flavor and taste. In addition, and while using evaporated cane juice as our sweetener, we can offer a complete product line with only 60 to 75 calories.”

“We wanted to deliver a clear message of health, fun and flavor to our consumers through our new and exciting packaging. To accomplish this, we have developed a unique proprietary bottle combined with upbeat, active and innovative label artistry. New Leaf will clearly stand out on the shelves in today’s highly competitive market,” says Skae Beverage International, LLC, Bill Bowdren, VP of Sales.

“We want our consumers to ‘turn over a new leaf.everyday,'” says Skae. “New Leaf is more than a beverage. It’s a way of life. It represents doing something other than the routine. New Leaf tastes great and is healthier than its competitors. It is a beverage that offers its consumers a great taste, unique packaging, healthy perception and a good image.”

New Leaf beverages will be available on the East Coast beginning February 2004.

About Skae Beverage International, LLC
Skae Beverage International, LLC, is a sales and marketing organization that believes products should reflect purity and nutrition. In addition to New Leaf Beverages (, Skae Beverage International LLC also distributes the Iceland Spring Brand of water nationally (log on to for more information about Iceland Springs). Skae Beverage reacts quickly to the demands of the marketplace and its products are all natural.

Operating out of Rockland County, New York, Skae Beverage International, LLC Managing Director is Eric Skae, who has spent the past twelve years in the beverage business making significant contributions with companies such as AriZona Beverages, Hansen’s, Fresh Samantha, and the Ultimate Juice Co.

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