Diehl Specialties Introduces a New Low Carb Dairy Beverage; Product Capitalizes on Low Carb Diet Trend

DEFIANCE, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Capitalizing on the trend of low carbohydrate diets, Diehl Specialties introduces a low carbohydrate dairy beverage, called Lo-carb(TM). People can now enjoy the great taste of milk in a low carbohydrate form.

Lo-carb is a great-tasting dairy beverage with only 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving. It is low in fat at only 5 grams per serving, and nutritious with 12 grams of protein and 365 grams of calcium per serving.

Low carbohydrate diets have become a way of life. Spurred by the popular Atkins diet, record numbers of people are counting carbs and experiencing dramatic results. This has led to an explosion in products formulated for low carbohydrates.

People of nearly all ages and backgrounds who are interested in leading leaner, healthier lives are turning to low carbohydrate diets. According to a study by the Natural Marketing Institute, over 25 million Americans have tried low carbohydrate diets. And sales of low carb products are booming: beef jerky sales are up 40% in two years, and annual pork rind sales have tripled to $496 million.

In addition to the low carbohydrate dieters all over the country, an estimated 16 million diabetics rely on low carbohydrate diets. These two segments combine to form tremendous market potential for Lo-carb.

“There is especially high consumer awareness for this new, low carbohydrate eating trend, and that drives consumer sales,” remarked Dave Lee, Director of Sales and Marketing for Diehl Specialties.

“We’re looking for HTST and UHT dairies to partner with us in producing this high potential, high- margin product,” stated Lee. “The product is also easy for dairies to produce–all they need to do is add water and cream to the mix and then pasteurize,” he added.

Diehl Specialties, a division of Diehl Inc. and based in Defiance, Ohio, specializes in great-tasting, nutritious formulas and beverage bases for HTST and UHT dairies. These products are used to market and sell value-added beverages that help people lead healthy lives. For more information on Lo-carb, contact Dave Lee at (800) 443-3930.