enhanced water pioneer has “endurance” to run miles ahead of industry

whitestone, ny — as part of energy brands’ promise to provide continued innovation to the enhanced water category, the company has reformulated its glacéau vitaminwaterT “endurance” variety to enable consumers – more than ever – to get the most out of their workouts and other activity that requires sustained energy. the revolutionary new product is the first mainstream beverage to contain bioenergy riboseT, the primary source of cellular energy, as a key ingredient.

@@img1 bioenergy riboseT is known to increase energy reserves and recovery, improve physical performance and relieve muscle soreness after exercise. it is used by world class athletes including premier cycling teams, olympians, pro and college athletes, as well as general consumers who lead active lifestyles and are looking to get more out of their beverage and enhance their workouts.

“today’s consumers are looking to consume healthier products that enable them to perform at their best during sports and throughout the day,” said dr. carol dollard, svp of operations, energy brands inc. “glacéau vitaminwater’s new endurance contains the perfect blend of carefully selected vitamins and nutrients to support the product’s promised function of sustained energy.”

previously peach flavored, energy brands has brought mango into the flavor profile of endurance – now called peach-mango – based on consumer demand.

formed in 1996 and based in whitestone, n.y., energy brands inc. is the pioneer and leader in the enhanced water category. for the last four years, glacéau vitaminwaterT has been the fastest growing bottled water brand in the industry. following its introduction in new york in 2000, consumers immediately embraced glacéau vitaminwaterT and have helped it achieve iconic status. since then, influential bi-coastal consumers have brought the brand to los angeles, miami, san francisco and chicago, prompting energy brands to respond to that demand. today, glacéau vitaminwaterT is distributed at retail outlets in more than 45 states nationwide.

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