NEW YORK, June 5th, 2005 — Beverage industry innovator Brain Twist Inc. ( has announced the launch of yet another revolutionary new product, Defense Effervescent Supplement, a vitamin and mineral enhanced immune boosting drink utilizing ground-breaking FreshCan® technology. Defense pioneers the next generation of health and wellness beverages that will modernize the way the industry manufactures nutritional beverage supplements in the United States.

In natural Orange flavor, Defense contains a unique blend of vitamins and minerals designed to help boost your immune system and utilizes FreshCan technology, a beverage can that contains an air-and water-tight plastic container called the FreshCan Wedge, patented by Ball Packaging Europe and exclusively licensed to Degussa Food Ingredients.

The FreshCan Wedge stores time-and liquid-sensitive vitamin and mineral supplements that can now be held in a dry state avoiding contact with the beverage until the tab of the can is pulled, initiating the mixing process. The sound and fizz you hear are the vitamins and minerals mixing with the beverage allowing for a fun user experience and the freshest, most powerful way possible for consumers to enjoy immune-boosting supplements in an effervescent beverage on the market today. The clink, clink, clink you hear when you rock the can from side to side let’s you know that the FreshCan Wedge specialized delivery system is inside.
According to independent research scientist, Dr. Stewart Gibson, “Scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that certain vitamins are not stable in normal beverage products and that the longer they stay in contact with liquid, the weaker they become. Such sensitive substances begin to degrade and lose potency almost immediately when mixed with the liquid beverage at the time of production. In addition, shelf life and exposure to light promote further loss of their potency,” he noted.

Now Defense Effervescent Supplement can help keep you in peak physical condition all year long and can become your strongest offense against germs and viruses that can cause common colds and flu.

In this perfect example of B2B collaboration Degussa Food Ingredients, one of the world’s leading suppliers of food and nutrition ingredients, worked with Ball Corporation (NYSE: BLL) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Ball Packaging Europe, to develop the FreshCan Wedge supplement delivery system. This cooperative effort has completely overcome a heretofore unavoidable problem and has produced the optimal solution – a unique vitamin and mineral blend kept freshest and most potent because it is stored in the innovative wedge container protecting it right up to the point when the can is opened and the system activated, delivering the optimal level of immune-boosting effectiveness.

“We are extremely excited about the outcome of our partnership with Degussa and Ball,” said Larry Trachtenbroit, President, CEO, “Defense Effervescent Supplement is the synergistic result of new technologies combining in a product that offers consumers the most potent levels of vitamins and minerals attainable in a beverage with the added benefit of convenience.” He continued, “We envision a whole new platform of functional beverage products based on FreshCan technology.”

Dr. Ralf Jager, Manager, Strategic Projects with Degussa Food Ingredients added, “FreshCan technology is `pulling the tab’ on a completely new market segment. We believe that it is the biggest breakthrough in beverage packaging since the ring-pull itself. It paves the way for a paradigm shift in how we think about what can be delivered as a beverage product”.

Defense Effervescent Supplement in Natural Orange Flavor contains a unique formulation of Zinc, Calcium & Magnesium, Vitamins A, B2, C & E and throat soothing pectin to help defend against germs like those that cause colds and flu.

Defense Effervescent Supplement is available in a 14oz can with a suggested retail price of $2.49 and will be on-shelf this fall at select drug stores, convenience stores, supermarkets and mass retailers nationwide.

Keep yourself in peak physical condition all year long and ward off germs and viruses that can cause colds and flu anytime, any season, with Defense. Remember…Your best offense is a strong Defense!

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