DIESEL Energy Drink Fuels J4 on Van’s Warped Tour 2006


@@img1SAN DIEGO (July 13, 2006) – DIESEL Energy Drink is rocking out with J4 as the band takes the stage at the 2006 Van’s Warped Tour. DIESEL is a proud sponsor of this up and coming modern rock band, which kicks off their leg of the Warped Tour today in Sacramento. The band will hit at least a dozen cities in four states.

Members Greg Lake (vocals), Jimmy Mitchell (guitar), Alex Pekar (drums) and Andy Curtain (bass) will have DIESEL Energy Drink to keep them fueled for the grueling concert schedule. They won’t just be drinking DIESEL during performances and on the road, but they’ll also be handing out cool DIESEL gear, including stickers and t-shirts, to their fans.

Produced by their own independent label, LOL Records, J4 has recently had tracks featured on David Letterman and MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16.” Their latest single, “I’ll Go Blind,” can be heard on radio stations nationwide.

“We are so psyched to be affiliated with such a great drink as DIESEL Energy,” says Greg Lake, J4’s lead singer. “We are doing our third Warped Tour and as fun as it is, it can be an absolute grind. Constant travel and extreme heat make it very grueling. We not only love DIESEL, we actually need the boost to keep focused! We hate energy drinks that come in a small can, we need something that will fill us and give us pure energy on stage. DIESEL can do that, and for that we are thankful! Everything about this drink is amazing and we are very proud to promote it and to be partnered with DIESEL on our Summer Warped Tour!” J4’s new songs are featured both on their website www.lolrecords.com and on DIESEL’S website, www.dieseldrink.com.

DIESEL contains a combination of caffeine, energizing agents like gaurana and ginseng, and seven amino acids including Taurine, Arganine, Carnitine, Valine, Leucine, Isoluecine and Tyrosine. It’s also fortified with B vitamins and 100 percent vitamin C. DIESEL is available in great tasting regular and low carb versions, as well as two sizes: a popular 16 @@img2oz. cylinder, which offers 6000 “horsepower” or milligrams of energy components, or a larger 24 oz. cylinder, which is packed with mega-dose 9000 horsepower. DIESEL Low Carb is made with Splenda and contains only one gram of carb per serving. DIESEL is currently available in 17 states. DIESEL Beverage Company is in no way affiliated with Van’s Warped Tour.

DIESEL Beverage Company is headquartered in Southern California. Backed by two decades of industry experience, the company is committed to bringing premium and quality beverages to the market. For the past eight years, DIESEL Beverage Co. has concentrated on new age beverages and energy drinks. The company’s products are distributed nationwide. For more information, call (619) 461-5220 or visit www.dieseldrink.com.