Pepsi-Cola Unveils New Global Look


PURCHASE, NY – January 12, 2007 – Beginning in February, Pepsi-Cola will reach out to consumers in a different way than ever before. Pepsi will connect with consumers via a global brand restyle – a 360-degree marketing campaign that will be reflected all over the world on TV, radio, in print, packaging and online.

The first, most visible piece of this effort will be new package graphics for Pepsi-Cola that change every few weeks to reflect themes close to the hearts of teens and young adults, such as sports, music, fashion and cars. The new graphics will be on more than eight billion Pepsi-Cola cans, bottles and cups throughout the world.
The iconic Pepsi globe logo and name lettering will remain the same – as will Pepsi’s great taste – but the background graphics will change every few weeks, marking the first time Pepsi has altered its look so frequently. In its 109-year existence, Pepsi-Cola’s look has changed just 10 times, but this year alone, it will change more than 35 times.
This steady rotation of designs reflects the fast, ever-changing interests of the elusive “millennial” generation.

Not only will the packages look different, but they’ll be different.
Pepsi bottles, cans and cups will give consumers access to exclusive online content, games, contests and sweepstakes through unique web addresses on each of the designs.

Pepsi’s global brand restyle will be highlighted in new thematic ad campaigns. The TV, print and out-of-home advertising will utilize the iconic Pepsi globe in whole new ways to represent the fun, optimistic, and youthful spirit that consumers have long associated with Pepsi. The restyle will come to life in-store with merchandising, account-specific promotions and point-of-sale materials that will showcase an array of packaging representing the wide range of design graphics.

Examples of the upcoming packaging designs and promotions:
* In the U.S., the first can, titled “Your Pepsi,” will link to a
website inviting consumers to help design a Pepsi billboard ad which will run in New York City’s Times Square in April.

* Consumers in the U.S. will also have a chance to design a
special paint scheme for NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon’s car that will race later this year.

* In many international markets, designs will link to websites
that enable consumers to create music and video that they can share with others.

* Consumers will also have access to packaging designs by some of
the biggest names in sports and music.

“On the surface, this might look like a packaging update, but it’s much more than that. We’re changing the way we interact with consumers – and now we’re doing it on their terms,” said Cie Nicholson, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Pepsi-Cola North America.
“When people pick up a Pepsi, they’ll be getting much more than a great tasting cola. They’ll be getting a passport to the things they enjoy most.”

“We’ve learned that young people embrace change and seek discovery, connectedness, personalization and multiculturalism. We believe this restyle touches on all these trends,” said Ron Coughlin, chief marketing officer, PepsiCo International. “Now our consumers will have a different experience each time they buy a Pepsi.”

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