New BAZZA High-Energy Tea is First to Launch Nationally – and First to Have Zero Calories


@@img1LOUISVILLE, CO – January 2007 – BAZZA High-Energy Tea, the first zero-calorie high-energy tea, is available today in stores all across the nation. Made with all-natural energy ingredients, green tea antioxidants (including EGCG), and zero calories, BAZZA is designed for today’s active lifestyle.

BAZZA High-Energy Tea delivers as much energy per ounce as existing energy drinks, but relies solely on the naturally-occurring xanthines found in four of BAZZA’s natural ingredients: green tea, yerba mate, guarana, and cola nut. No pharmaceutical-grade synthetic caffeine is added.

BAZZA is the first high-energy tea to contain zero calories. “BAZZA is made with green tea and contains both EGCG and natural caffeine. So, we’re following the studies regarding the effects on calorie burning as closely as anyone. We like the research findings that Coca-Cola is quoting for Enviga,” states Colleen Norwine, marketing director, Cooper Tea Company. “But until that controversy is resolved, BAZZA is a zero calorie beverage. So any exercise at all — whether it be playing a rugby game or walking across campus — will result in more calories being burned than consumed. If you start at zero calories, even the little steps move you in the right direction.”

BAZZA High-Energy Tea was developed by the Cooper Tea Company. “We’re pleased to be the first high-energy tea to launch nationwide. It’s as if David is overtaking Goliath,” said CEO Barry Cooper. “The public has heard a lot about high-energy green teas. We’re proud to be the first one to deliver them to their neighborhood stores.”

The high-energy tea is available in over 5,000 7-Eleven stores, shelved next to the bottled teas. Two flavors are available in 16.9 fl. oz. bottles, green tea and raspberry tea.

BAZZA was developed by Cooper Tea CEO, Barry Cooper. Barry is a classically-trained Tea and Herb Master. His 40 years of experience in these dual areas gave him the vision for a smarter energy beverage, using natural ingredients to achieve high-energy stimulation.

Cooper Tea Company manufactures premium tea products and sells them through distribution networks in select markets across the United States. The company is known for innovative products and teas with outstanding flavor. Visit and for more information.