Metromint Launches Orangemint & Lemonmint to Natural Channel at Natural Products Expo West


SAN FRANCISCO, CA -Metromint (, the fastest growing bottled water in the natural food channel, is proud to introduce two new varieties: Orangemint and Lemonmint. Both combine the brand’s unique mint taste with a citrus finish. Made with pure water, and absolutely no preservatives, Metromint delivers all natural refreshment with nuance. It contains no sweeteners and no calories. Nothing but all natural ingredients and a surprisingly vibrant taste.
Orangemint is pleasantly aromatic, citrusy and mild. Drinking it evokes an orange grove in full bloom. Lemonmint is surprisingly tangy and brisk. It has a bright and invigorating taste that awakens your senses.

Available in a 500 mL PET bottle, Metromint Orangemint and Lemonmint join the already successful team of Peppermint and Spearmint to establish Metromint as the leader of the mintwater category.

“We’re very excited about the new additions since they are unique on retailers’ shelves. And like Peppermint and Spearmint, Orangemint and Lemonmint are based on real, existing mint plants. Because they’re natural, all Metromint varieties can live in any retail environment; from a corner store cold box, to a supermarket natural aisle,” said Soma Beverage Company, LLC president, Scott Lowe. Lowe added, “The addition of new skus will also strengthen our retail presence.”

Each variety of Metromint is now designated with a numerical chill factor. From mildly cool Orangemint (-3) to super cool Peppermint (-9), the chill factor is a comparative scale that measures the range of minty refreshment. No matter which variety you choose, you’ll experience all-natural refreshment.

Peppermint (-9)
Intensely exhilarating, immediately cooling. Peppermint comes on strong with a bold taste.

Spearmint (-6)
Sophisticated and subtle. Spearmint cajoles, refreshes, and gently enlivens the spirit.

Lemonmint (-4)
Lemonmint is surprisingly tangy and brisk. It has a bright and invigorating taste that awakens
your senses.

Orangemint (-3)
Orangemint is pleasantly aromatic, citrusy and mild. Drinking it evokes an orange grove in full bloom.

The official launch to the trade was at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show, January 21-23rd, but they’re already finding their way onto retail shelves. The Natural Products Expo West Show March 8-11th is the official launch to the natural products trade and consumer market. Visit the Metromint booth #3700.

The Benefits of Metromint

Metromint stimulates the senses, soothes the stomach, and restores the mind. Exactly the kind of benefits you just can’t get from plain old bottled water. And exactly why style- and health-conscious consumers are drinking Metromint.

Mint stimulates the brain, while sending cooling sensations throughout the body. The natural menthol in Metromint freshens the breath and can clear congestion related to colds and allergies. Enjoyed before a meal, mint increases the flow of digestive juices. After dinner, it soothes the lining of the digestive tract. Pregnant women with upset stomachs and morning sickness report Metromint’s calming, all natural benefits.

About Metromint
Metromint is the brainchild of Rio Miura and Scott Lowe. Born in Japan, with a background in product and fashion design, Miura conceived the recipe for Metromint and designed the packaging. Lowe, a Stanford graduate with a degree in International Relations, is responsible for product development and oversees operations. Together they run Soma Beverage Company, LLC., a small group dedicated to making great-tasting beverages that combine the purest ingredients with innovative packaging and extraordinary taste.

Metromint has single-handedly created a new beverage category called mintwater, which combines the properties of functional and flavored water. Metromint is also quickly gaining popularity in the enhanced, and premium bottled water categories.

Metromint continues to win accolades from national media including U.S. News & World Report, Real Simple, Self, The Today Show, and the Food Network. Metromint Peppermint was introduced at the New York Fancy Food Show in July 2004 and won a “Best of 2004” new product award from Metromint Spearmint was introduced in March 2006 at the Natural Products Expo West, won a Best New Beverage Award and received a 4-Star rating from BevNet. Watch for Metromint on the Food Network’s Unwrapped, airing in early 2007.

Metromint Peppermint, Spearmint, Orangemint and Lemonmint are available in 500 ml PET bottles for $1.39-$1.69 (Retail).

Metromint has a loyal following among discriminating consumers and is available in stores nationwide including Whole Foods Market, Wild Oats, Safeway Naturals and numerous other natural and specialty food outlets. For more information, visit

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