Metromint Announces Kevin McClafferty as Senior Director of Sales


@@img1SAN FRANCISCO, CA -Metromint (, the all-natural mintwater that combines pure water and real mint has appointed Kevin McClafferty as the Senior Director of Sales for the Metromint brand, part of Soma Beverage Company, LLC’s beverage portfolio.

Kevin McClafferty has over twenty-two years experience in the consumer packaged goods industry. Prior to joining Soma Beverage Company, LLC, Kevin held various executive management positions with Fortune 100 companies. His responsibilities have included national account sales, distributor sales and marketing and strategic planning for Nabisco Foods Company and Sara Lee Corporation. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Planning from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. Kevin recently completed Executive Development Courses at the London Business School, London, UK and at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana.

“I am very excited about joining the Soma Beverage Company and helping to take the Metromint brand to the next level. Metromint holds a unique position in the marketplace. I’ll be working with their team, expanding the distribution network, adding several national chain customers this year and we will be finalizing our long range plans for the company,” said McClafferty.

“Kevin brings over twenty-two years of experience leading sales teams and creating distributor networks to the company. We are confident that he is the right choice to help take our brand to the next level,” said Soma Beverage Company president Scott Lowe.

About Metromint
Metromint is mintwater, pure and simple. The all-natural combination of pure water and real mint has a unique cooling sensation that relieves your thirst, soothes your body, and revives your soul. No sweeteners. No calories. No preservatives. Nothing but all natural ingredients and a surprisingly vibrant taste. Take one sip and experience the cooling sensation you can get only from the real mint in Metromint. The mint’s essential oils naturally stimulate the brain to send cooling sensations throughout your body. We call this cooling sensation The Chill Factor. Metromint is now available in four varieties: original Peppermint, subtle Spearmint, and new tangy Lemonmint and citrusy Orangemint.

Metromint is the brainchild of Rio Miura and Scott Lowe. Born in Japan, with a background in product and fashion design, Miura conceived the recipe for Metromint and designed the packaging. Lowe, a Stanford graduate with a degree in International Relations, is responsible for product development and oversees operations. Together they run Soma Beverage Company, LLC., a small group dedicated to making great-tasting beverages that combine the purest ingredients with innovative packaging and extraordinary taste.

Metromint has single-handedly created a new beverage category called mintwater, which combines the properties of functional and flavored water. Metromint is also quickly gaining popularity in the enhanced and premium bottled water categories.

Metromint continues to win accolades from national media including U.S. News & World Report, Real Simple, Self, The Today Show, and the Food Network. Metromint Peppermint was introduced at the New York Fancy Food Show in July 2004 and won a “Best of 2004” new product award from Metromint Spearmint was introduced in March 2006 at the Natural Products Expo West, won a Best New Beverage Award and received a 4-Star rating from www.BevNet. Watch for Metromint on the Food Network’s Unwrapped, airing in March 2007.

Each variety of Metromint is designated with a numerical chill factor. From mildly cool Orangemint (-3) to super cool Peppermint (-9), the chill factor is a comparative scale that measures the range of minty refreshment. No matter which variety you choose, you’ll experience all-natural refreshment.